Self-Service Solutions

Improving customer service and reducing cost go hand-in-hand with well-designed self-service.

Leverage Convenience for CX and Cost Control​

According to McKinsey, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven forward the digitalisation of customer and supply-chain interactions by as much as seven years.


of consumers are just a single poor experience away from severing ties with your business


of consumers expect brands to offer self-service options

Source: Sitel® Group Research

Customers Expect Simple, Convenient, Immediate Service

Leading brands deliver to today’s customer expectations by enabling them to manage their own requests with well-designed self-service solutions that accelerate resolution times while reducing the workload on your teams. ​

With Sitel® Self-Service solutions you can push relevant information and timely answers to your customers where they need them, building deeper brand connections while delivering highly effective, 24/7 service.  Streamline customer transactions and interactions across a number of different devices and stakeholders, self-service decreases your contact centre costs and enhances customer experience. And, by enabling customers to more easily find the answers they need, with status updates when they need them, your customers can find a solution at their own pace. The result? Your brand expands its reach across customer touchpoints, meeting your customers’ expectations of convenience, simplicity and immediacy of response.

From A to B, Autonomously

  • Reduce contact volume and task volume through intelligent routing and automated workflows to rapidly resolve customer requests without agent involvement​.
  • Achieve faster time to resolution for customers with well-designed autonomous case resolution pathways​.
  • Create an improved customer experience with greater customer agency and transparency of workflow progression​.

Always Available

Be there for your customers with highly-effective, 24/7 service that provides relevant and timely answers.

Improved Experience

Enable customers to solve issues independently, to allow your agents to focus on requests requiring empathy, emotional intelligence and human connection.

Cost Control

Reduce the costs of live interactions while optimising assisted service channels via automated workflows across the customer journey. ​​

Streamline Service and Optimise Operations

Sitel Self-Service solutions deliver the information your customers need, when they need it.

  • Match customer issues to their most rapid resolution pathway through data-driven design.
  • Connect with knowledge bases, FAQs, branded online communities, step-by-step tutorials, guided account management, chatbots and surveys with a common entry point.
  • Drive adoption of non-contact solutions, introducing customers to the right information presented in the right way at the right time.
  • Expand reach, increase convenience, enhance security, and multiply the effectiveness of your customer service organisation

Open New CX Possibilities Without Increasing Use of Available Resources


Client Response Rate in Less Than One Hour


Client Response Rate in Less Than 6 Hours


Customers Found an Answer Through Self-Service


Reduction of Customer Support Costs

Harness the Power of Intelligent Self-Service Solutions

Improve customer satisfaction, resolving requests faster and at a lower cost to serve by absorbing contact volumes from other channels.

Leverage historical data insights to help customers quickly and easily resolve their own issues, via self-service portals to track and understand evolving customer needs.

Provide pre-determined automated resolution pathways to enable ongoing transformation with more intelligent automation solutions.

Use non-contact solutions to boost agent value by focusing their skills at the point of greatest need, all while gathering contextual information to reduce handle time and increase resolution.

Discover how Sitel Group® helps you redesign customer journeys, streamline workflows, improve knowledge and content, automate conversations, and achieve your digital transformation in a timely manner. 

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