Secure Credit Card Processing

Remove credit card data from agent interactions for enhanced security in payment processing.

Eliminate the Fraud Risk in Payment Processing

For any brand handling payments, credit card security is essential. Sitel® Customer Authentication eliminates the possibility of credit card data fraud by entirely removing sensitive data from the agent environment.

Sitel Secure Credit Card Processing enables customers to make payments electronically, without revealing their personal, sensitive information to the agent. Agents monitor the payment process seeing only masked inputs from the customer, entirely eliminating any possibility of fraudulent use of customer credit card data.

Sitel Secure Credit Card Processing eliminates payment card industry (PCI) fraud as agents are unable to access credit card information, giving you and your customers added peace of mind.

Measurable Results

Eliminate the fraud risk in payment processing.rn


Credit Card Fraud Risk


Need for PCI Certification


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Eliminate Credit Card Data Access

Remove the need for PCI compliance as agents cannot view or store sensitive information.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Eliminate the possibility of credit card fraud as agents do not have to sensitive payment data.

Enhanced Customer Experience (CX)

Agents remain in constant contact with the customer during the payment process, driving customer satisfaction and reducing the likelihood of abandoned sales.

Build Brand Loyalty Through Human Connection
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