Real-Time Agent Assistant

Convert your data into real-time assistance and automated support.

Work Smarter to Focus More on Your Customers’ Needs

Data accuracy is of paramount importance, regardless of your operation’s progress with analytics-powered performance. When overburdened agents make errors in data capture, retention, or comprehension, the result is a poor customer experience, both during interactions and afterwards as consequences impact sentiment and business efficiency.

By leveraging our Digital Assistant, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and automating knowledge base access, agents spend less time on after-call work (ACW) or looking up customer information – and data accuracy is increased.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Sitel® Real-Time Agent Assistant gives valuable time back to the agent, so that they can focus on the customer experience (CX).

  • Less time is spent on administration, and work is streamlined through RPA.
  • Agents can be more empathetic and creative in solving problems.
  • Brands increase customer satisfaction and unlock long-term customer value.

Faster Resolution Through Relevant Data


Increase to Contact Resolution


Lower Average Handle Time


Data Accuracy


Reduced After-Call Work

Drive Customer Satisfaction and Boost Loyalty

With Sitel Real-Time Agent Assistant, you ensure that each customer interaction is perfected with real-time coaching that builds a positive feedback loop and creates confident agents delivering premium customer experience.

  • Redirect unsatisfactory contacts with alternative scripting, supervisor escalations, or other actions
  • Optimise contact outcomes with suggestions, offers or ideas
  • Guide with real-time next step recommendations, supported by links to knowledge base content and information
  • Comply with policy and procedure by identifying behaviour and suggesting corrections prior to conclusion of a conversation

Reduce Repetitive, Mundane Tasks to Increase Efficiency and Engagement

Transfer the workload of low-value business processes to automated support and enable your talent to focus on the moments that matter – high-value customer conversations requiring the emotional connection of human-to-human interaction.

Sitel Real-Time Agent Assistant is a simple and easy-to-use tool for both supervisor and agent, allowing both parties to communicate effectively and providing intuitive support within the flow of work.

Supervisor Dashboard

Alerts “pop” in real-time within Coach Dashboard and supervisors can easily take action to support the customer interaction, whether the need is to take over a call or send immediate insights to agents.

Agent Assistant

This tool is proactively linked to knowledgebase articles for agent review based on customer conversation. It provides guided coaching with suggestions on scripts and handling. Agents can see feedback in real time from their supervisor, knowing how to improve in an instant, allowing them to deliver a better customer experience.

Real-Time Support That Works

Sitel Real-Time Agent Assistant is an artificial intelligence-driven, real-time agent assistant designed to deliver accuracy and efficiency in an increasingly complex CX environment. Enabling agents to deliver customer support in a way that makes a tangible impact to your business results, data-driven insights continuously raise the value and efficiency of each customer interaction, powering increases in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime revenue.

Make Automation Work for You

Increased Agent Confidence

With prompts to guide agents, they feel more confident in their work, delivering better customer experience.

Enhanced Development

Identify performance behaviours and share best practices across teams.

Real-Time Manager Alerts

Let managers know of service issues in real time, saving calls while they are in progress.

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