Quality Assurance Automation

Leverage interaction analytics to ensure compliance.

Experience the Power of Automated Analytics

The data flowing through your contact centre is a highly valuable asset. Even when recorded, few brands have the resources required to monitor and score every contact, leaving a wealth of information unmined — information that could be working hard for your business.

Sitel® Quality Assurance Automation leverages interaction analytics with 100% coverage, ensuring compliance, improving customer experience (CX), and driving operational effectiveness. It applies artificial intelligence (AI), targeting key behavioural quality elements across your entire interaction volume.

100% Monitoring

Monitor all customer interactions across voice and non-voice channels.

Enhanced Compliance

Listen for compliance and flag any training needs.

Behavioural-Based Coaching

Transition from metric-based to behavioural-based coaching.

Accelerate Your Performance Curve


Decreased Customer Effort


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Decreased Average Handle Time


Increased First Contact Resolution

Target Every Single Customer Interaction

Sitel Quality Assurance Automation eliminates the risk of missing key customer interactions with your brand. These actions become the impetus to elevate your business to the next level of efficiency, effectiveness, and market competitiveness.



  • Costly, resource intensive, inaccurate
  • Key intelligence undiscovered
  • Siloed data, difficult to obtain root cause correlations
  • Slow to deliver feedback to parts of the organisation that need it



  • Objective, consistent, timely
  • Targeted, direct, continuous
  • Integrated data across touchpoints for a customer journey view
  • Understand events driving satisfaction, repeat contacts, and customer churn

Proactive Performance Management

Empowering Daily Team Performance

With Sitel Quality Assurance Automation, supervisors that manage a team of agents can access actionable insights in real time, enabling them to coach more effectively and ensure accountability.

Real-Time Access to Actionable Insights

View agent performance instantly to make better recommendations and drive optimal improvement.

Intuitive Metric Tiles

Easily visualise trends and view scores by team member.

Highlight Insights

Drive agent accountability with easy to access agent performance indicators.

Individualised Reporting

View score by team member to locate areas of strengths and opportunities.

Leverage Insight Automation to Drive a Higher Quality CX

Tap into 100% of your CX interaction data to identify the priority coaching opportunities that will make the biggest difference to your customers’ experience with your brand.

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