Quality Assurance (QA) Automation

Leverage AI to improve the customer experience and drive operational effectiveness.

Quality Assurance Automation Automatically Improves CX

Quality assurance (QA) automation allows you to leverage interaction analytics to ensure compliance, improve customer experience (CX) and drive operational effectiveness.

The data flowing through your contact centre is a highly valuable asset but, even when recorded, few brands have the resources required to monitor and score every contact, leaving behind a wealth of information that could be working hard for your business. Sitel® Quality Assurance Automation applies artificial intelligence (AI) to target key behavioural quality elements on 100% of your interaction volume delivering:

100% of Call Monitoring

Monitor all customer interactions across voice and non-voice channels.

Enhanced Compliance

Listen for compliance and flag any training needs.

Behavioural Based

Transition from metric-based to behavioural-based coaching.

Measurable Results

Leverage AI to improve the CX and drive operational effectiveness.


Increase in Revenue per Call


Increase in Sales Conversion

Sitel Quality Assurance Automation drives agent productivity and performance by monitoring and scoring 100% of calls, allowing managers to coach more effectively and in real time.

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