Performance Analytics

Analyse customer interaction in real time.

Turn Insights Into Action – Consistently

With Sitel® Performance Analytics, you can turn the insights from every interaction into opportunities to enhance the performance of your CX program. Whether voice, chat, email or on social media channels, our solution enables you to effortlessly monitor your agents’ performance, understand contact drivers and reveal customer sentiment towards your brand.

Our experts configure, manage and provide ongoing tuning to realise actionable insights for your teams. Delivered as a cloud-based, hosted or as an on-premise solution, you experience consistency, expertise and results across your CX program.

Targeted Coaching

Coaches deliver actionable and targeted agent support, driving agent performance.

Metric Scorecards

Detailed scorecards highlight variances and pinpoint areas of agent success and opportunity.

Performance Dashboards

Provide direct and actionable feedback based on consistent metrics and clear data visualisations.

Using Sitel Performance Analytics, you can answer key questions regarding key business metrics:

Contact Monitoring
How do you efficiently monitor 100% of contacts without tying up resources? How do you deliver insights in real time?

Data Management
How do you extract and leverage the value in your contact data without over investing? How do you increase data-entry accuracy?

Customer Experience
How do you ensure you deliver a consistent customer experience (CX)? How do you identify and replicate the actions of top performers?

Training and Development
How do you ensure agents have access to the most relevant information? How do you deliver real-time coaching?

Power Your CX Performance Easily

With Sitel Performance Analytics, access the performance insights from 100% of your customer interactions and continuously identify opportunities to enhance your brand’s CX.

Our industry-leading interaction analytics solutions and proprietary consumer sentiment playbooks effortlessly decode each conversation to identify priority areas to focus coaching support and automate processes, driving agent productivity and performance.

Omnichannel View

Capture customer conversations across multiple communication sources (call, chat, survey, text messages, email) and convert recordings to text.

Automatic Outlier Detection

Intuitive search features for specific keywords and/or phrases. Auto-topic analysis automatically identifies outliers.

Multi-sourced Enterprise View

Automatically evaluate contacts for sentiment, categorisation and performance scoring across all sites and service providers.

An Analytics Engine That Drives CX Performance

Harness the full value of your CX data by connecting channels and sources, breaking down data silos. With a proven, data-driven analytics methodology, Sitel Group® experts configure, manage and provide ongoing tuning to realise actionable insights for your teams.

Drive Business Performance


Increased Data Accuracy


Decreased After-Call Work


Faster Fraud Identification

Combine Your Diverse CX Data Sources With Our Vertical Specific Playbooks & Proprietary Analytics Methodology

  • Customer Journeys
  • Mine Topics & Sentiment
  • Key Drivers
  • Predictive Modelling
  • SEO Analytics
  • KPI Scorecards

Actionable Insights for Your CX Strategy

Assess the success of your customer care strategy across all CX metrics.

  1. Quality and Compliance
    Drive the behaviours that matter most to your business’s customer experience (CX) with Quality %, Calibration Score and Compliance (pass/fail)
  2. First Contact Resolution
    Make sure your customers get what they need – the first time with VOC FCR Score and Repeat call rate
  3. Voice of the Customer
    Drive key performance metrics built upon your customers’ feedback across survey channels with CSAT, NPS, customer effort and customer sentiment
  4. Efficiency Metrics
    Continue to drive business results with traditional metrics including Average handle time (AHT), abandon rate and service level

Enhance Your Business With Sitel® Performance Analytics

Deliver a superior customer experience (CX), while also driving productivity and performance for your business. Monitor 100% of contacts, deliver real-time coaching, replicate top performers’ behaviours and reduce fraudulent contact risks.

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