Next Best Action for Increased Sales

Drive value by understanding your customers’ needs.

Get a Step Ahead of the Competition

Sitel® Next Best Action for Increased Sales allows brands to tap into the CX intelligence of real-time customer data, to define the factors driving customer behaviour, and create sales offers that work with real-time agent guidance, helping them to achieve your business growth goals.

Identify opportunities with your customers, recognise buying signals within the flow of conversation, and personalise offers based on individual needs to make your growth strategy succeed with Sitel Next Best Action for Increased Sales.

Drive Sales Conversions

Understand customers’ underlying needs and offer compelling products and services to increase sales & revenue streams.

Improve Customer Retention

Understand customer drivers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximise Efficiency

Understand the offers that resonate with customers to create greater efficiency.

Drive Business Growth with an Always-On Sales Coach at Your Side

Equip your teams with effective, always available automated support. Connecting real-time data insights with the intelligence of an AI-driven assistant, Sitel Next Best Action for Increased Sales delivers immediate coaching and timely support to your teams, offering relevant knowledge base articles and next-best action prompts that accelerate your brand’s sales performance.

Next Best Action Drives Sales Performance


Increased Revenue Per Contact


Increased Customer Retention


Increased Sales Conversion


Reduced Repeat Contacts

Build Customer Value Across Every CX Touchpoint

We understand that your customers are everywhere, across all channels, and at every stage of the buying journey. That is why Sitel Next Best Action for Increased Sales combines vertical expertise and customer know-how to wow your customers and create lifetime brand advocates.


Pre-sales assistance, web queries, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, subscriptions.

New Customer

Welcome calls, activations, product registrations and set-up.

Customer Care

Billing and payments, technical support, complaint resolution.

Customer Advocacy

Contract renewals and upgrades, loyalty and retention.

Enhance CX Performance, Realise Lifetime Customer Revenue

Sitel Next Best Action for Increased Sales enables brands to follow customers along their journey and make an impact where and when it matters most, regardless of the customer’s channel of choice.

  • Identify where your brand promise and customers’ experience (CX) align.
  • Spot every opportunity for targeted communications to move customers along the sales funnel.
  • Identify which key touchpoints are meeting customers’ needs or creating customer effort.
  • Optimise commercial and marketing activities in line with customer behaviour.

Leverage the Next Best Action Model in Your CX Strategy

By following a detailed process, your brand will be able to improve agent performance, making the informed decisions that enhance operations and business solutions.

  1. Track Performance Management across individuals, teams, departments, lines of business, and at the enterprise level
  2. Identify Trends and Patterns for any agent, team, or line of business
  3. Align Training Opportunities and make recommendations based on real-time needs within the flow of work
  4. Drive Process Improvement Opportunities, analyse categories based on key metrics and agent behaviour, and identify opportunity areas and potential business solutions.

Sitel Next Best Action for Increased Sales delivers to your customers’ expectations and engages proactively with expert sales support. It places the power of customer insight in the hands of your sales teams, so that they can present the offers that drive sales performance and revenue growth for your business.

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