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Build closer connections with your customers by engaging in a continuous conversation regardless of the channel.

Manage All Channels in a Unified Conversational Platform

More than ever, the customer experience and employee experience are main differentiators for every brand. This is why you should take advantage of all conversational channels — to be as close as possible to your customers, in a personalised exchange, and to transform the customer relationship into a tool for loyalty and business development.

If you want to manage an ongoing conversation with your customers, allow your agents to have omnichannel access and the ability to switch between channels in just one click. Empower them with a 360-degree customer view while also controlling the duration of each conversation and the SLA.

Create a Close Relationship With Your Customers

Activate the Conversational Channels You Need:

WhatsApp for Business
Facebook Messenger
SMS/Notification / Conversation
Chat, In-App Chat, Video Chat
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
And more…

Combine them smartly with other channels and modules such as voice, email, back-office cases, customer satisfaction surveys, knowledge bases and quality monitoring. Integrate with your CRM or back-end systems and leverage AI and automation to streamline customer journeys and simplify workflows.

Sitel® Messaging Platform offers a single interface to manage all conversations and take control of operations. It’s a next-generation, cloud-based CCaaS allowing brands to consistently manage all customer conversations even if different teams manage your digital and social channels.

Capable of being fully deployed as a standalone solution or at an enterprise level, our messaging platform allows brands to easily drive flows from voice to messaging, manage multiple conversations at the same time, reduce contacts by anticipating customer enquiries, accelerate case resolution and ensure a continuous conversation across channels.


Agents can manage several conversations at the same time and activate one or more channels according to their level of seniority and expertise.


Digital agents are more accurate in their responses as they manage all messaging channels and have a 360-degree view of the customer enquiry.


Channels are under control with SLA driving workflows, the duration of the conversation, the number of interactions to resolve the enquiry and AHT measured. ​

With the Sitel® Messaging Platform You Can: ​

  • Activate different chat and messaging channels according to the specificities of your activity, the different areas of focus and your brand’s digital strategy — for example, agents dedicated to chat only or agents dedicated to chat and social, etc.
  • Easily assess customer interest for new channels and test the efficiency of these — use Conversational SMS and Asynchronous Messaging to become proactive and anticipate customer enquiries.  
  • Provide a continuous conversation with the customer, even if the digital journey has several touch points managed by different teams. 
  • Implement an AI-powered approach — connection with chatbots, call bots, visual IVR and self-service portals.

Become a Digital Brand and Change Brand Perception


Productivity Gains


Acquisition Channel


Customer Retention


Treatment Capacity

Enhance Operations,​ Upgrade CX

Sitel® Messaging Platform Solutions Drive Customer Success

Unify conversations, integrate with existing systems, transform agents into superheroes and enable further target-oriented enhancements via modular add-ons.

Orchestrate an omnichannel ecosystem, accommodate multiple customer journeys, provide operations with live dashboards and allocate resources using up-to-the-minute data.

Achieve KPI goals while lowering cost to serve, controlling contact centre volumes and balancing multitasking efficiency with personal focus and satisfaction.

Connect customers, agents, supervisors and managers through personalisation, contextualisation, insights and improved revenue generation opportunities. ​

Leverage customer satisfaction and public engagement without losing the organisation, efficiency and target-oriented processes of case-oriented workflows. ​​

Automate conversations, workflows and processes with Sitel® Digital Agents , Call Bots and Digital Assistants — and leverage the full power of AI and CX automation.

Implement an Efficient Digital and Social Engagement Strategy

Our team of digital experts helps you define the most efficient digital and social engagement strategy. They support you in the design of the CX journey mapping and brand persona strategy. They can also help boost your bot or social interactions if you are already engaged in these channels but think there is room for improvement.

We assess a variety of factors to customise a solution for your unique needs, either building upon our own proprietary Messaging Platform solution — innso — or from across our CX technology ecosystem.

Thanks to Sitel Messaging Platform’s modular architecture and our rich solutions expertise, you will benefit from a smooth implementation and ongoing support tailored to your specific customer service needs.

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