Learning Technologies

Your learning experience and curation technologes should be simple, collaborative and engaging; but above all, they must meet your training and development objectives, regardless of how they evolve.

Develop Skills while Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Having a training platform is necessary to effectively automate the training process at a lower cost. Our three easy-to-deploy learning technologies develop skills while evaluating learning outcomes: our learning experience solution (Triboo), our learning curation solution (Edflex) and our mobile-enabled learning experience (BlynkYoo).


Reflective of your needs and easy to deliver on expectations, our innovative learning experience solution, Triboo, simplifies the acquisition of new skills with accessibility, interactivity and ease of use for your learners. Triboo is equally capable of supporting instructor-led and virtual instructor-led courses and reinforces collaboration, enables social learning through chatrooms and discussion forums and works seamlessly on different devices with its multimedia content. Since its launch, our mission has been to go beyond a traditional learning management system (LMS). Our experts constantly monitor user feedback to refine and improve the learner experience.


Our learning curation solution, EdFlex, supports your organisation in assisting its employees in acquiring and developing new skills. In today’s media-rich world, when we want to complete a task, we often seek answers ourselves via video or web content. But, our challenge isn’t having the content available, it’s being able to find the best content and answers we need. Following this trend, your employees are increasingly guiding themselves toward content when they need to broaden their understanding or find an answer to a professional question.

With EdFlex, you’re creating a digital ecosystem where everyone can search in confidence, knowing they’re accessing the best articles, courses and videos available. Far more than a search filter, EdFlex already supports over 150 categories and thousands of hours of multimedia training which has been carefully curated using a blend of human and artificial intelligence (AI). Users have direct access to a team of expert learning curators via the integrated live chat function, who offer direct support and assistance – or even start to devise and curate materials around new subjects. Meanwhile, thanks to AI, existing content is aggregated and its popularity is tracked, paving the way toward clear learning paths.

Quickly enable a culture of learning.

We know your employees need answers now. Designed to be simple to integrate into your existing training ecosystem, EdFlex can be ready to go in under a month. Soft-skill improvement and continued advancement is part of users’ professional routine; with EdFlex, begin enableing a culture of lifelong learning for today and tomorrow.


Our award-winning mobile learning solution, BlynkYoo, successfully delivers fully social training that seamlessly integrates with traditional LMS. BlynkYoo offers a simple learning method that supports positive learning habits which yield better performance. The solution’s learner-centric learning path includes notifications and updates on courses, creating a stronger learning experience and driving cost efficiencies through training process automation.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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