Learning Ecosystem Design

Step into the future of learning experience with technology, methodology and resources built for your CX needs.

Learning Transformation Ahead

Over the past decade, organisations have needed to undergo massive and rapid changes in how they think about learning and development as they respond to new ways of working that challenge their existing training model. To break through, Learning and Development (L&D) departments must innovate by implementing the latest trends and adopting cutting-edge learning methods and technologies.

Reimagining the entire learning ecosystem is essential for any resilient organisation. Empower your future learning strategy with the award-winning expertise of our Sitel® Learning Ecosystem Design to access the keys to transforming your existing L&D practices into a highly adaptive learning ecosystem designed to meet the needs of your learners in today’s evolving world.

360-Degree Analysis

Our 360-degree learning assessment provides you with a roadmap of your entire customer experience (CX) training ecosystem. Identifying challenges and areas of improvement, including technology, methodology and resources, we support you in identifying meaningful and tangible efficiencies for your organisation.

With Sitel® Learning Ecosystem Design, You Can:

Explore Your Environment

Perform a complete health check of your entire learning ecosystem to understand and quantify training efficiencies and deficiencies.

Detail Your Vision

Develop a transformational roadmap that advances your ongoing training-related activities without disruption, seamlessly incorporating new learning content, methodologies and technologies.

Transform Your CX

Reinvent your learning ecosystem to maximise learning impact, delivering tangible value to your customers’ experience, all while fostering employee growth and championing organisational success.

A Holistic Approach

Sitel Group Learning Ecosystem Design extends to all internal and external needs around learning transformation.

Our holistic approach looks at every element within your ecosystem, including L&D strategy and capabilities, content and resources, learning technologies, data management, organisational and governance models, continuous development, coaching, people and more.

A Step Into the Future of Learning

Our Learning Ecosystem Design is ideal for:

  • Igniting learning transformation across your enterprise
  • Encouraging a digital learning culture and digitalising training programs
  • Promoting agility to respond to business needs and new ways of working
  • Optimising learning processes to help learners learn faster at a lower cost
  • Boosting training KPIs and driving skill development and knowledge retention
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