Knowledge Management

A comprehensive information ecosystem to boost agent productivity and provide better customer experience.

The Most Relevant Information at Your Fingertips

Connect your customers to a more effortless experience with your brand with self-service access to a library of relevant resources. Supply your agents with the timely knowledge they need to maintain on-point conversations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Whatever the use case, Sitel® Knowledge Management is key to a successful content strategy, empowering customers and agents with rich and relevant information.

Effective content management is often the Achilles heel of any knowledge base solution. Building upon our 40+ years of experience in delivering outstanding CX for many of the world’s best-loved brands, we have designed Sitel Knowledge Management as an iterative process that collects, organises and shares all relevant information with the agent while addressing your customer needs.

On top of the content management solution, our digital experts will select and customise the best knowledge management solution for your brand, simultaneously driving resolution for your customers and simplifying the agent’s research demands.

End-to-End Implementation of Your Knowledge Management Solution

  1. Knowledge Audit and Strategic Alignment
    We map your brand’s internal knowledge — FAQs, agent scripts and processes, digital channels, knowledge bases, chatbots, self-service portals, websites and other sources.
  2. Knowledge Content
    We qualify, generate or curate relevant content concerning all targeted digital channels.
  3. Technology and Content Migration
    We select the appropriate knowledge management platform, migrate content and train the team involved.
  4. Managed Services
    We examine all insights, track performance, anticipate needs and update the necessary content for continuous improvement.

Primary Benefits of Sitel® Knowledge Management

Empowered Agents

Support agents with instant and easy-to-access information in a single repository, improving their decision-making ability and ensuring faster, more-accurate issue resolution.

Consistent Practices

Ensure consistency across self-service and agent interactions when extended into consumer-facing channels.

Continuous Improvement

Measure and score the popularity and effectiveness of your self-help content, driving customer satisfaction.

Collaborative Knowledge Enhancement

Promote team collaboration by enabling agents to input into your brand’s knowledge base, as facilitators of the problem-solving process.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide a solid foundation for exceptional customer service by offering consistent, knowledgeable interactions across the customer journey.

Operational Efficiency

Optimise the self-service process, improving agent performance and efficient information and knowledge management.

Assess Your Existing Knowledge Management Solution

Our team of experts analyse your current knowledge management platform and compare it with other solutions. We segment and categorise, identify outdated materials and highlight opportunities to consolidate your information. As part of our analysis, we define the guidelines for redesigning and optimising your content, ensuring that your knowledge base is relevant, consistent and harmonised.

Choosing the Best Knowledge Base Solution for Your CX Needs

We help you select the best solution from our proprietary tools and trusted technology partners. We can also leverage your internal tools or activate the knowledge module of your current CRM/CEM platform.

Smarter Search Functionality

AI-powered search engines, constantly improved by machine learning, index every word in every file, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for – reducing handling time while enhancing productivity and CX.

Collaboration & Feedback Tools

Systems designed to better facilitate group work, peer-to-peer interactions and contributions for improvement. Enable data collection from users about their satisfaction on the accuracy of the content in order to keep updating, optimising and making it more relevant to readers.

Decision Trees

Identify an effortless path to resolution, aligned to customer expectations and business goals with process flows that incorporate a variety of decisions – leading to better resolution timing and an overall enhanced user experience.

Custom Permissions

Designated roles and responsibilities to control users’ access to information on-demand, customising data with different requirements to let it live in the same space without ever running into security or compliance issues.

Dashboards & Analytics

Advanced and easy-to-understand analytics provide powerful reporting dashboards to visualise metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Access a continuous flow of insights on accuracy, clarity, consistency, performance and usability of the content, helping you to address gaps in self-service support and elevate your brand’s CX.

“Compared to our previous knowledge base, this is easier to navigate and understand. We can locate tasks or articles by keywords and provide resolution faster.”

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