Interaction Analytics

Create actionable insights from unstructured data.

Speech and Text Mining Brings your Data to Life

Interaction Analytics, including speech and text mining, creates actionable value from unstructured data.

Sitel® Interaction Analytics turns every customer contact in a wealth of searchable business information. Whether voice, chat, email or social media content, our solution enables you to effortlessly monitor agent performance, understand contact drivers and reveal customer sentiment towards your brand.

Access Every Interaction

Tap into a wealth of information by monitoring 100% of customer interactions.

Accelerate Results

Focus on the interaction behaviours that matter most to your business to improve results.

Across your Business

Enterprise-level, multilingual support, available in 20+ languages.

By taking an analytics-based approach, you unlock your unstructured customer data to realise meaningful business results. Quality assurance and compliance audit automation drives cost savings, while eliminating manual categorisations creates time-based efficiencies. Advanced interaction analytics enables you to understand why customers are reaching out so you can create programmes to address their needs.

Through Sitel Interaction Analytics, our experts configure, manage and provide ongoing tuning to realise actionable insights for your teams. Delivered as a cloud-based, hosted or on-premise solution, you experience consistency, expertise and results across your contact center network.

Measurable Results

Create actionable insights from unstructured data.


Decrease in Customer Effort


Decrease in Average Handle Time (AHT)


Increase Customer Satisfaction


Increase Revenue per Call

Drive More Impactful Coaching

Sitel Interaction Analytics makes more impactful coaching possible with real-time analysis of every interaction, ensuring coaches have the insights they need to deliver actionable and targeted agent support, driving agent performance. Detailed scorecards highlight variances and pinpoint areas of agent success and opportunity while intuitive dashboards provide direct and actionable feedback based on consistent metrics.

Insights from across your data sources.
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