Interaction Analytics

Create actionable value from unstructured data.

Understand Key Customer Drivers to Maximise Efficiency

Sitel® Interaction Analytics turns every customer contact in a wealth of searchable business information. Whether via voice, chat, email or social media content, you can effortlessly monitor your agents’ performance, understand contact drivers, and reveal customer sentiment towards your brand.

Through Performance Analytics, Real-Time Agent Assistant, Clickstream Analytics, and Quality Assurance Analytics, you can understand and drive the best interactions enhancing compliance, experience and operational effectiveness.

Our interaction analytics create efficiencies by listening to and analysing your contacts, serving up the most appropriate information during real-time conversation.

With Sitel Interaction Analytics, you can collect and explore data to enable greater agent productivity and increased responsiveness to customer needs, driving customer satisfaction.

Access Every Interaction

Tap into a wealth of information by monitoring 100% of customer interactions. Flag next best actions by proactively displaying knowledge base information.

Accelerate Results

Focus on the interaction behaviours that matter most to your business. This includes increased productivity by reducing after-call work.

Relevance Across Your Business

Experience enterprise-level, multilingual support, available in more than 20 languages. In addition, enhance training through actionable insights.

Strategic Partnerships Power Our Interaction Analytics Solutions

Gain a deep understanding of your customer by operationalising insights from analytics via 100% call monitoring and automated scorecards, analysed by emotional sentiment and topic. Managed services drive return on investment with actionable insights that unlock value for your business.


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Contacts analysed in 2021

Unlock the Power of Interaction Analytics

Leverage the Sitel Interaction Analytics toolset to understand what your customers want and need. Gain a comprehensive view that elevates your business performance.

Automate Quality Assurance

Break away from the traditional way of monitoring customer contact and capture 100% of interactions.

Take advantage of powerful insights to uncover key indicators driving customer behaviour.

Deliver Effective Coaching

No more endless reviews to identify that one targeted call for coaching. Tap into the insight of every call to show the most powerful examples.

Enhancing Operational Performance

Make decisions backed by data to create impact, drive new product development and realise cost saving.

Transform Raw, Unstructured Data Into Actionable Insight

Sitel Interaction Analytics applies a proven and carefully calibrated approach that maximises value to your business.

By comprehensively analysing 100% of interactions, customer experience operations obtain leverageable insights that directly impact KPI attainment.

The Ultimate Data Exploration Tool Kit

Leverage the key components needed to fully understand customer interactions with easy to use and intuitive dashboards, reporting, training and reporting.

Insights and Deliverables

  • Centralised solutions
  • Automated quality scorecards
  • Call-type analysis

Product Integration

  • Recording System integration
  • Licenses
  • Coach dashboards

Management and Delivery

  • Full management of implementation tasks, milestones and timeline
  • Set up and maintenance of recording ingestion, users and hierarchy
  • Data governance and standardisation across systems and sites

Optimised Training

  • Extensive, full team training
  • Rollout to users
  • Shared best practices for optimal efficiency

Program Implementation

  • Category setup for Quality Assurance (QA) automation and call drivers
  • Building, ongoing monitoring, and updating of categories for accuracy
  • Reporting
  • Key tasks and milestones timeline

Bring Your Data to Life With Sitel® Interaction Analytics

Unlock unstructured customer data. Realise meaningful business results. Integrate analytics into your operational approach.

Drive Cost Savings

Quality assurance and compliance audit automation.

Create Efficiencies

Eliminate manual categorisation work.

Categorise Call Drivers

Understand why customers are calling and address their needs.

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