Interaction Analytics for Agent Performance

Leverage speech and text analytics to understand your customer sentiment, driving productivity and performance.

Effortlessly Decode Customer Intent for a Better CX

Interaction analytics for agent performance leverage speech and text mining driven by Sitel’s proprietary consumer sentiment playbooks to effortlessly decode customer intent, prompt agents and automate processes, driving agent productivity and performance.

Interaction analytics create efficiencies by listening to and analysing contacts to serve up the most appropriate information in real time based on the current conversation. As a result, your agents are more productive and better able to respond to customer needs, increasing customer satisfaction.

Interaction analytics deliver a superior customer experience (CX), while also driving productivity and performance.

  • Monitor 100% of contacts
  • Deliver real-time coaching
  • Replicate top performers’ behaviours
  • Automate repetitive tasks to drive agent performance
  • Reduce fraudulent contact risks

Cloud-based, hosted or on-premise, our interaction analytics solutions deliver consistency, expertise and results. Our speech and text mining solutions are a managed service – and we make the platform work for you. Leveraging our experience with all major speech analytics platforms, we know how to successfully implement and manage your speech analytics, ensuring delivery of best-in-class performance.

Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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