Intelligent IVR

Boost your customer experience by routing to the right agent with custom call flows.

Improve Customer Interaction With Intelligent IVR

Sitel® Intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the first stop for inbound calls. It greets callers with a pre-recorded or text-to-speech message, guides them in identifying contact drivers, suggests efficient self-service solutions and connects to the right agent for the right reason.

Automatic toggles for time and day ensure that callers are met with the most appropriate options given service hours, agent availability and urgency of request.

An IVR Can Enhance a Contact Centre’s Performance By:

Always Open

Warm greetings and well-designed pathways provide always-on routes to self-service, AI-powered options and agent-assisted solutions.

Lower Costs

By helping customers categorise their inquiry and responding with relevant information, an IVR can improve agent focus on inquiry resolution and increase the use of non-contact channels.

Enhanced Efficiency

Instant connection to a menu system provides an immediate, automated link to branded service and unassisted resolution pathways, providing agents with contextual information for a further efficiency boost.

Instant Satisfaction Surveys

Collect satisfaction data as soon as possible by routing completed inquiries back to the IVR for post-call surveys.

Give Control to the Customer

Autonomous Information

Enable authenticated customer access to account information, opening hours, appointment calendars and status updates for orders and inquiries.

Systems Integration

Connect to your telephony platform, CRM/CEM and self-service systems.

Leverage Sitel Group® Expertise to Provide the Best IVR Experience

Avoid the convoluted menu systems, intolerable waiting times and cold automated messages that lead to call abandonment and negative reputations. Work with Sitel UX and operations experts to create the IVR experience that’s right for your brand and customers.

  • Speed Through Simplicity:
    Connect customers to the best IVR outcome with clear, concise messages and menu options that optimise pathways and raise satisfaction.
  • Call Back Convenience:
    Integrate Sitel® IVR with Sitel® Call Back to smooth spikes in call volume by giving customers the option to free their concentration and phone line.
  • Connected CX Analytics:
    Avoid escalating frustrated customers with an impersonal pathway through the IVR system. An integrated Sitel® Call Bot can identify mood and immediately route customers to an agent.

Partner with Sitel Group® CX Technology experts to ensure an IVR experience that supports your CX operation from the word go.

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