Intelligent Automations

Connect, accelerate and elevate front-office and back-office processes.

Efficiencies at Scale and Superior Customer Service

In the face of rising customer expectations and increasingly demanding business environments, customer-facing organisations need to raise focus and efficiency while elevating the customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

By correctly applying sophisticated automation pathways to common problems, connecting data to workflows and human activity, Sitel® Intelligent Automations works hand in hand with staff to accelerate business performance.

  • Sitel® Decisioning & RPA boosts back-office productivity and decision-making insights.
  • Sitel® Digital Assistant accompanies and accelerates agents.
  • Sitel® Visual IVR shows customers how to resolve requests via the fastest, most efficient channel.

An orchestrated suite of Intelligent Automations synchronises automations and agents, each adding value where they make the greatest difference.

Sitel Intelligent Automations elevates efficiency, productivity, customer experience and brand perception by:

• creating and strengthening human connections
• accompanying customers through business challenges and life events
• negotiating revenue-generation opportunities
• using emotional intelligence to navigate sensitive conversations

With RPA and RDA as a foundation, the next generation of advanced technologies push the next level of efficiency and productivity. Machine Learning drives decisioning to make superior Next Best Action recommendations; Artificial Intelligence stands on the shoulders of Optical Character Recognition to analyse images and respond to customer enquiries; Orchestration conducts a unified system of IA workflow processes.

Speed Up

Significantly reduce the number of actions an agent makes before, during, and after a conversation.

Raise Quality

Realise better accuracy and precision in customer service, increasing CSAT, ESAT, and NPS scores.

Create Cost Savings

Complete manual and autonomous tasks more cost-effectively and return thousands of hours to operations.

Automate Front and Back Office for Efficiency, Clarity, and Satisfaction

With Sitel Intelligent Automations solutions you can:

Use RPA to:

  • Boost efficiency and engagement by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce the need for back-office resources, lowering costs and raising productivity
  • Gain deeper process insights through automated logging, process and task mining, and heatmap analysis

Use RDA to:

  • Reduce the number of actions an agent has to make, increasing efficiency and accuracy
  • Accelerate learning and reduce time to competence
  • Show agents the most efficient, customer-centric actions in real-time

Use Visual IVR to:

  • Decrease voice call volume and handling time
  • Increase convenience for customers with non-invasive solutions
  • Speed up resolution pathways regardless of channel chosen

Use Digital Agent to:

  • Support engaging, automated interactions with natural language processing (NLP) for digital understanding of conversation and intent
  • Handle simple self-service transactions, complex resolutions, or even manage emotional conversations
  • Give customers access to fast, friendly service 24/7 that drives customer satisfaction and lower costs for your brand

Use ML and AI to:

  • Improve performance through more intelligent, accurate, and adaptable Next Best Action recommendations
  • Enhance coaching through customer interaction analysis
  • Increase account security through speech analysis
  • Unlock efficiencies through orchestration and decisioning
  • Automate resolutions through character and image recognition
  • Lower costs and raise productivity across the back office
  • Gain further process insights through automated logging and heatmap analysis

Use OCR to:

  • Quickly extract valuable information from paper-based and digital documents
  • Return time and focus to employees by removing lengthy and laborious data entry processes from their work tasks
  • Rapidly and autonomously adapt to new formats and layouts by combining initial human input with self-training Machine Learning routines

Automate to Accelerate

1m hours

Production Time Saved by 200+ Sitel Group® Clients Annually


Process Transaction Growth YoY (Tech/Telco Client)


RoI Over 3 Years (Professional Services client)


Workflow Tool ESAT (Professional Services Client)

Ensure Success With Sitel Group®

After countless projects designing, deploying, testing, and orchestrating automation deployments, the Sitel Group Intelligent Automations team drives project success across carefully selected key areas.

Comprehensive assessments combine vision workshops, solutions workshops, and customer interaction analytics. Lean on our expertise to understand, select, and validate the solution that most closely matches current and future business needs, building out an automation deployment that maximises ROI.

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