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Supercharge your workforce with RDA.

Speed up Agent Performance With Real-Time Automations

CX Agents are under more pressure and operating in a more complex environment than ever before, dealing with multiple data sources and software systems. Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) works in real time with agents collecting information from multiple sources, suggesting knowledge items, troubleshooting steps and next best actions, and completing after-call work.

Sitel® Digital Assistant is a full-time agent assistant, real-time coach and always-on knowledge manager rolled into one. It works alongside each agent to complete administrative tasks, improve live performance, ensure standardisation and provide contextual knowledge items.

  • Improved average handling times
  • Increased first-contact resolution rates
  • Lower no-fault-found errors among the cost
  • Time savings that raise performance across customer-facing operations

Make your conversations more effective, more efficient and more compliant with Sitel Digital Assistant working in the background as agents focus on the customer.


Significantly reduce the number of actions an agent makes during a conversation.


Accelerate learning and reduce time to competence.


Show agents the most efficient, customer-centric actions in real time.

Boost KPIs Across the Board

Designing a digital assistant that simplifies complexities and realises RDA benefits without creating bottlenecks or backlog elsewhere requires the level of expertise that Sitel Group® brings. This is the advantage of a team that combines 100 experienced intelligent automation professionals and 40 years of experience in CX operations.

With Sitel® Digital Agent, You Can:

  • Drive continuous value and improve customer-related KPIs by presenting agents with the correct information quickly and concisely
  • Direct agents along optimal troubleshooting pathways or towards the best moments to realise and increase lifetime customer value
  • Highlight the most opportune times to steer customers towards self-service channels
  • Ensure processes, work order notes and call logs are unified and standardised for clear communication, better insights and enhanced alignment
  • Monitor and manage access to sensitive data for improved data protection and policy compliance

Upgrade Operational Effectiveness


AHT Reduced


FCR Increased


No-Fault Found



Drive Customer Confidence

By deploying a solution that corresponds precisely to your business needs, Sitel Digital Assistant significantly enhances customer and agent experience, improves on operational efficiency, increases revenue opportunities and elevates brand value.

Easier resolutions, faster response times, better preparation from the agent side and better outcomes drive higher customer confidence.

Ensure Success With Sitel Group®

After countless projects designing, deploying, testing and orchestrating automation deployments, the experienced Sitel Group® Intelligent Automation team knows how to drive project success in key areas.

  • User Adoption:
    Ensure successful deployment and continued use of the RDA solution through an appropriate training and onboarding program.
  • User-friendly UI:
    Implement an intuitive user interface that creates an easier and more pleasant employee experience (EX) than previous solutions.
  • Ramp Up:
    Build wide support with an ongoing change management approach to ensure a smooth transition and continuous improvement.
  • High Benefit Use Cases:
    Identify where RDA can provide the most benefits, typically but not always at the beginning or end of a call.
  • Quantified Value:
    Measure the benefits and value of each opportunity, whether in terms of time saved or improved KPIs.
  • Complement Agents:
    Work with agents to streamline work through automation and maximise opportunities for connection.
  • Be Creative:
    Leverage RDA beyond existing tasks to improve interactions, introduce next best actions, impact coaching times and rapidly realise upselling opportunities to drive value.
  • Transformation:
    Leverage the power of an RDA deployment to transform the way contact centres operate and engage with customers to drive longer-term and wider strategic transformation programs.
  • Strategy:
    Adopt a realistic, grounded approach to the future of work and reach new levels of efficiency by combining RDA with RPA, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and AI.

Getting Started

By implementing RDA correctly, operations unlocks improved EX, decreased error rates and backlog as a result of lower required effort and both lowered attrition and less costly training.

Comprehensive Sitel Group assessments combine vision workshops, solutions workshops and customer interaction analytics, enabling you to understand and select the solution that most closely matches current and future business needs, building an automation deployment that maximises ROI.

Four deployment profiles offer the flexibility you need for an RDA service that aligns with operational requirements and available resources:


A managed service solution that is selected, designed, built, deployed, improved upon and administered from start to finish by a cross-disciplinary team of Sitel Group IA specialists.

Build, Operate, Transfer

Have the Sitel Group IA team construct and launch your RDA system, managing live operations and training staff before handing over.

Build Capacity

Provide process, training and knowledge for your staff to build and manage your own in-house solution.

Staff Augmentation

Build on existing capabilities with the presence of trained expertise that improves your team through the transfer of knowledge and skills.


Drive better AHT and FCR by providing the right information at the right time.


Increase accuracy and compliance by accompanying agents through workflows.


Improve CX through agent focus on customer rather than toolset capabilities and limitations.

The Sitel Group® IA team will work with you to identify, design and deploy a solution that matches your specific sector and scenarios, with the correct set of criteria needed to measure success and meet your evolving needs.

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