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Enhance your customer experience with intelligent, conversational automation.

Intelligent Conversational Chatbots Offer 24/7 Communication

In today’s increasingly digital world, natural, conversational self-service solutions have become essential for brands like yours, looking to deliver an enhanced customer experience (CX) with a high return on investment (ROI). 

Sitel® Digital Agent supports engaging, human-like interactions, thanks to the natural language processing (NLP) that enables digital understanding of any conversation, including the customer intent.

Exceeding the performance expectations of a traditional chatbot, our Sitel Digital Agent is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solution able to handle simple self-service transactions, complex resolutions and even manage emotional conversations.

Fast, Friendly 24/7 Support Drives Customer Satisfaction


Faster Than Live Agents


Customer Satisfaction vs 87% Market Average


Successful Resolution vs 69% Market Average


Lower Cost to Serve

Customised Automation for Your Brand

Sitel Digital Agent is designed under your specifications and driven by your customers’ needs and expectations. Our team of digital experts will guide you and support you every step of the way — from an in-depth review of your organisation, culture, brand voice, processes and customer requirements to the implementation and operation of your chatbot.

Sitel® Digital Agent Sell Sheet

Boost your CX with intelligent, conversational automation.

Speaking Your Language

As your partner, we immerse ourselves in your brand to characterise a very detailed persona describing what your chatbot should look, think and sound like. By understanding your customers’ emotional connection to your brand, we equip your digital agent persona to speak your language.

Once the concept is ready, we apply our proven digital design methodology to design your chatbot and bring it to life. Our Digital Agent Management team tracks, tests and optimises performance during operation, harnessing data to continuously improve and enrich each customer experience step.

Leveraging a leading conversational AI platform and flexible dialogue manager capabilities, your digital agent engages in natural, non-linear conversations — providing your customers with more opportunities to emotionally connect with your brand across digital touchpoints.

AI with a Human Touch

Human and Digital Agent Relationship

Human-centric automation is at the core of our solution. Our experts train your digital agent to understand conversations and user intent to handle escalations seamlessly.

Conversational Design Expertise

Using conversation data sources and user-experience design, we build efficient and engaging human-like interactions ready to be implemented on websites, mobile apps, messaging channels, SMS, smart devices and more.

Leading-Edge Technologies

Leading conversational AI technology enables us to build and continually improve your digital agent quickly. Our flexible dialogue manager capabilities and deep AI platform allow natural, non-linear and transactional conversations.

Make Your Customer Relationship Stronger with AI

Shift your customers’ conversations to digital channels and leverage intelligent automation to deliver outstanding CX and business continuity with Sitel Digital Agent.

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