Digital Adoption

Forge your digital path - smarter.

In a world of omnichannel tools, apps and assets, are you getting the maximum value from your digital CX strategy? Our digital adoption and digital transformation know-how can get you there.

Digital Adoption is within your grasp.

Whether you are shifting to an augmented agent approach or moving straight to digital, the benefits are clear. Our goal is the same as yours: deep personalisation for your customers and an enhanced experience with your brand. With Sitel’s SMART framework, we work together to ensure you (and your customers) garner the maximum value from your digital CX strategy.

Digital partnerships.
Innovative, co-created strategies to unlock value and increase efficiency.

Value innovation.
Harnessing digital to solve the cost verses quality/value equation..

Future state efficiency.
Employ emerging technologies to predict and avoid potential problems.

Cut cost & increase revenue.
Optimize existing channels.

Boost customer satisfaction.
Chart and improve the customer experience journey.

Collect valuable data.
Leverage insights across all channels.

Increase customer loyalty.
Build more customer engagement through social media and brand communities.

The art of working smart.

In business, the term ‘digital’ is frequently thrown around – and often as a broad, generic term. When it comes to our definition of digital adoption, it’s an approach that  disrupts manual, redundant processes to work smarter, not harder, and drive digital transformation for both your brand and your customers. Our SMART framework hones in on social, mobile, AI-cognitive, robotics-automation and transformation.

AI- Cognitive

These elements impact many channels and technologies from social services (social engagement, monitoring and moderation) to mobility (virtual IVR, mobile app development and IOT support) to AI – cognitive (cognitive solutions intobots, intelligent document processing) to robotics/automation (back and front-office RPA bots, security bos, messaging bots). Combined together within a common framework, our SMART approach enables you to drive deeper digital adoption across your CX strategy.

Initial Deep Dive.
Discvery and analysis to understand client’s needs and opportunities.

Discovery and analysis to understand client’s needs and opportunities.

Implement Sitel’s technology partners for fully-manged solution capabilities.

Leverage Sitel’s insights team to uncover actionable insights leading to operational efficiencies.

Catch your customers’ attention.

While it’s crucial that your organisation and employees reach digital adoption internally, it’s equally important that you’re educating and supporting your customers to leverage the digital tools and technologies you have available to their full advantage. Whether it’s making better use of a new app you’ve developed or driving a complete channel shift, showing your customers how they can get the most from these digital tools improves their experience with your brand. Driving awareness and offering support is part of our digital adoption strategy – and an essential part of the overall digital transformation of your business.

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