Decisioning & RPA

Supercharge productivity with autonomous process completion.

The Future of Work

Adopting RPA is not just a strategic shift: it paves the way for a wider transformation journey enabling new operating models.

Lay the foundation now to realise immediate and ongoing time savings, expenditure reductions and the benefits of a future of work toolset.

Revolutionise Back-Office Automation and Efficiency

RPA allows CX organisations to remove the human component from many repetitive, complex, rule-based actions through end-to-end automation of transactional processes.

Employees can focus on where they add the greatest value to the customer journey and company objectives, while automated processes take care of back-office duties — at a pace and cadence that best fits your operational requirements.

RPA enables:

Shorter Processing Cycles

Lowered Error Rates

Better Decision Making

Increase in
First Contact Resolution

Yet without the right level of care and attention, RPA users will not or will barely meet the expectations set by their RPA initiative. Realising the true potential of RPA in today’s rapidly changing operating and business models requires a rigorous and intelligent approach, while maintaining the flexibility and agility of selection, design, implementation and continuous improvement that you can expect from Sitel Group®.

Create Cost Savings

Carry out tasks in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Increase Service Quality

Realise better accuracy and better customer service, leading to increased CSAT and NPS.

Improve Compliance

Eliminate errors and comply with regulations and standards.

Reduce Cycle Time

Replace back-office labour with automated, real-time process completion.

Speed Up Order-to-Cash

Cut out effort required to complete requests.

Reduce Trouble to Resolve

Enable efficient processing of customer issues and complaints to resolution.

With Sitel® Robotic Process Automation, You Can:

  • Boost efficiency levels by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce the need for back-office resources, lowering costs
  • Upgrade agents to tasks that require more intelligence and empathy, increasing EX and CX
  • Enhance employee motivation, increase ESAT and reduce attrition
  • Enhance security by protecting sensitive data against unauthorised access and use
  • Reduce employee time to readiness and ongoing training expenditure
  • Standardise process completion, reducing errors
  • Gain further process insights through automated logging and heatmapping analysis

Automate to accelerate


Production Hours Saved by 200+ Clients Annually


Process Transaction Growth YoY (Tech/Telco Client)


ROI Over 3 Years (Professional Services Client)


ESAT Rating With Workflow Tool (Professional Services Client)

Ensure Success With Sitel Group®

After countless projects designing, deploying, testing and orchestrating RPA, the experienced Sitel Group® Intelligent Automations team knows how to drive RPA project success in key areas.

  • Architecture:
    Support your team with a cloud-capable environment where talent and work are reusable through agile, cost-efficient and labour-saving process design.
  • Usability:
    Accelerate digital transformation through intuitive, cohesive, streamlined software UX and sustainable, scalable, reliable design.
  • Integration:
    Safely connect to spreadsheets, databases, browsers, mainframes and thin clients through screen scraping and code, script, and API-based actions.
  • Exception handling:
    Sustain performance with enterprise-level tools that detect, circumvent, and resolve errors and exceptions with or without assistance.
  • Security:
    Silo sensitive data behind an RPA barrier, using encryption and activity logging to reinforce data protection and compliance.
  • Configuration:
    Maximise resources, cut costs, and reduce downtimes using time-saving UI targeting, process recording, debugging and collaborative features.
  • Deployment:
    Increase efficiency and ROI through intelligent application of scheduling options, work prioritisation, process queues and resource grouping.
  • Support:
    Onboard staff with high-quality training, vendor-assigned contacts, service desks and Sitel Group experts working with and supporting you throughout.
  • Strategy:
    Adopt a realistic, grounded approach to the future of work and reach new levels of efficiency by combining RPA with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and AI.


Create complex automation architectures simply and easily.


Save thousands of production hours annually.


Combine with Smart Analytics and AI to improve decision-making and solve business problems.

Getting Started With RPA

Work with the Sitel Group® IA team to identify, design and deploy an RPA solution that matches your specific sector and scenarios, with the correct set of criteria needed to measure success and meet your evolving needs.

Comprehensive Sitel Group assessments combine vision workshops, solutions workshops and customer interaction analytics, enabling you to understand and select the solution that most closely matches current and future business needs, building an automation deployment that maximises ROI.

Four deployment profiles offer the flexibility you need for an RPA service that aligns with operational requirements and available resources:


A managed service solution that is selected, designed, built, deployed, improved upon and administered from start to finish by a cross-disciplinary team of Sitel Group IA specialists.

Build, Operate, Transfer

Have the Sitel Group IA team construct and launch your RPA system, managing live operations and training staff before handing over.

Build Capability

Provide process, training and knowledge for your staff to build and manage your own in-house solution.

Staff Augmentation

Build on existing capabilities with the presence of trained expertise that improves your team through the transfer of knowledge and skills.

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