CX Learning Catalogue

Enrich your learning by connecting to an entire library of courses and resources curated to elevate your brand's CX.

All the Learning Resources You Need in One Place

Brands committed to being at the forefront of customer experience (CX) must be keenly focused on and dedicated to employee learning and development. Does your organisation have the right learning and development tools to get you there?

We Have a Smart Solution for You

With the Sitel® CX Learning Catalogue, your brand can rapidly connect your learning needs to an off-the-shelf digital library that offers up-to-date eLearning resources revolving around mastering CX, leadership, industry expertise, skill-building and competency development.

Complementing existing learning solutions, the diverse and media-rich training available from our CX Learning Catalogue helps you to optimise time to proficiency, reducing training costs and facilitating on-demand quality content when your brand representatives need it the most.

The Benefits of Our CX Learning Catalogue

Ready to Go

Solve immediate learning needs or level up your skill base when there is no need for custom content.

Performance Driven

Address the most common CX challenges and skills your brand representatives, coaches, team leaders and learning teams’ encounter.

CX-Trusted Expertise

Time-tested training paths backed by experts with over 15 years of BPO experience guarantee the content’s applicability, measurability and relevance.

A Catalog of Learning Resources Available — When and Where You Need Them

5 Days

To Activate and Give You Access to the Catalogue Hosted in Our Personalised Learning Experience Platform


Learner Satisfaction


Generic Courses Available to Use

A Library of CX Resources at Your Fingertips

With Sitel CX Learning Catalogue, your brand can quickly incorporate the latest learning technology and expert training methodologies into your learning program. Accelerate the learning of your team by connecting them to our proprietary CX content and highly relevant curated resources, designed to support development within the flow of work. Easily integrating with your learning infrastructure, our library of CX-specific content offers you an inventory of innovative resources and constantly monitored and updated learning paths.

Our CX Learning Catalogue is an attractive solution for trainers and learners alike, offering courses, curated resources, videos, interactive media, leaderboards and games that make learning fun.

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