Customer Journey Analytics

Embarking on the journey.

What parts of your customer journey are causing friction? Which customers are about to churn and which ones would respond to upselling and cross selling? Find out with our customer journey analytics - delivering insights into your customer journey to improve your customer experience.

Connect the dots.

Customer journey analytics weaves together data across touchpoints in order to understand the customer journey. When you can combine and visualize structured and unstructured data generated across all touchpoints, you can see the customer journey in full and can answer all of these questions and more. Zero in on and address areas where there is too much customer effort, understand the drivers behind the most common contacts and identify touchpoints and resolutions where automation or self-service will boost your efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Break down silos.
Connect the dots between data to create new customer insight.

Visualize you CX.
Transform your strategy from a reactive to a predictive experience.

Drive performance.
Unlock outstanding performance across quality, efficiency & financial metrics.

Experience your customer journey.

What’s more, as the customer journey is further refined the same analytics can start to identify your at-risk customers who are ready to churn and the offers that will help change their mind. Leveraging big data integration, text mining and more, we highlight the steps you needed to build even greater levels of loyalty in your best customers.

A powerful ROI.

With real-time customer journey analytics you can get the data to tell the story of your business, answer the toughest of questions and provide future guidance. With predictive analytics, you’ll be able to understand not only a customer’s needs, but what they’ll want next.

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