Customer Insights

Drive your business forward with clarity of focus.

Move Your Brand Closer to Your Customers

Understanding and responding to the needs of your customers is more important than ever. EXP+™ Explore delivers actionable customer insights that impact every interaction in every channel to maximise experience outcomes.

Leveraging customer data is crucial for any brand looking to differentiate itself. Whether your goal is to reduce customer effort to drive satisfaction and loyalty, understand pain points to boost customer retention or understand your top performers’ process to drive best-practice sharing, customer analytics solutions will reveal the insights you need.

Through Sitel® Customer Insights, you will be able to:

Increase Efficiency

  • Know what is driving repeat contacts
  • Understand how to reduce customer effort
  • See which contacts can be handled via self service

Reduce Churn with Customer Churn Analytics

  • Know why are customers cancelling
  • Understand which customers have high churn propensity
  • See which offers will retain customers at-risk

Drive Loyalty with Voice of the Customer

  • Know how to anticipate needs to proactively serve them
  • Understand what is driving customer experience and sentiment
  • See the customer journey across touchpoints

Boost Revenue with Next Best Action for Increased Sales

  • Know how to align the right offer with the right customer
  • See which sales offers are working best
  • Understand how to improve sales success

Optimise Service to Optimise Returns


of customers say customer service is key to their brand loyalty


increase in customer retention rates improves profits by 25% to 95%

With rapidly increasing complexity in CX interactions, engaging with customers in their channel of choice and effectively capturing their feedback across disparate systems (including SMS, email, chat, voice and IVR) can seem like a big challenge.

With Sitel® Customer Insights, we make analysing your raw customer data easy, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver actionable insights which drive customer satisfaction and boost your business performance.

And collection of customer sentiment and satisfaction scores becomes powerfully straightforward and efficient when combined with Sitel® Case Management & Orchestration solutions, polling your user base and integrating with your customer journey to maximise response rate, relevance of data, and reputational enhancement.

Drive customer-centric, revenue-generating journeys across every channel by listening to what customers want and need, using insights to surface the most beneficial sales opportunities.


Customer Lifetime Value


Customer Effort


Customer Retention


Per-Contact Revenue

Expertise You Can Rely On

We specialise in needs-oriented solutions design: a complete, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative focus on the challenge we are solving with you, and the associates and customers we are solving it for.

Thorough Assessment

An in-depth appreciation of your organisation’s current technology stack, systems, and security requirements drives our suggestions, selections, and implementations of the tools that best enhance your existing ecosystem.

Implemented to Spec

Our deployment plans cover everything from rapid handover to trained staff, to injections of expertise for speedy capability growth, and fully managed service packages that ensure total coverage of any conceivable requirement.

Supporting Your Success

Every deployment, every adjustment is made to raise your operational efficiency, your compliance, and your customer experience. Our solutions, deployment, and support experts, with their keen operational understanding, accompany your organisation and optimise your analytics program at every step.

Short-Term Wins, Long-Term Gains

With decades of experience in the heart of the customer experience industry, we are dedicated to a grounded, strategic approach that brings you stacking ROI, a continuous improvement plan for cumulative quick wins and sustained, long-term success.

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