Customer Churn Analytics

Understand your customers’ expectations to create long-term value.

Elevate Your Customer Lifetime Value

In today’s competitive marketplace, if your brand is not continually focused on delivering a positive customer experience (CX), you may soon be looking at a significant drop in recurring revenues. With more than a third of consumers considering breaking up with a brand in the past 90 days, as confirmed in our proprietary research into the factors driving customer loyalty, the importance of paying attention to your brand’s CX has never been greater.


of consumers considered breaking up with a brand in the past 90 days.


of those who considered leaving went on to leave the brand.


of consumers say CX is one of the most important factors when making a purchasing decision.

Identify and Target Customers at Risk of Churn

With Sitel® Customer Churn Analytics, you can quickly identify customers at risk of churn and the factors driving their behaviour. With actionable insights built upon customer analytics, your business is better equipped to develop targeted win-back strategies, address at-risk customers and drive long-term business growth.

Sitel® Customer Churn Analytics will:

Identify Pain Points

Analyse customer touchpoints, identify customer dissatisfaction, and implement solutions.

Create Efficiencies

Agents use a single tool to manage inquiries and access a customer’s profile and history, no matter the chosen channel.

Deliver Agility

Agents use a single tool to manage inquiries and access a customer’s profile and history, no matter the chosen channel.

Leverage Insights to Drive Retention and Improve Your Bottom Line

Speech and text mining brings unstructured data to life, driving effective, efficient customer retention activities and optimal churn performance for your brand.


Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)


Global Profit Margins

Optimised CX Means More Customers

Map Customer Experience and Increase Loyalty

Through advanced interaction analytics, including speech and text mining, Sitel Customer Churn Analytics brings your data to life, enabling you to drive effective, efficient customer retention activities that focus on the behaviours that matter. Knowing your customers’ underlying needs enables you to create more compelling products and services, boosting sales conversion.

Use Sitel® Customer Churn Analytics to Drive Increased Lifetime Value

Connect Data Sources

  • Integrate data across qualitative sources
  • Create data visualisations to simplify analysis and reporting

Understand Customer Churn

  • Define customer churn behaviour and drivers
  • Benchmark sub-optimal churn versus industry benchmarks and competitors
  • Segment data by product, region and persona

Enable Proactive Retention

  • Fix root-cause problems which drive customer dissatisfaction
  • Proactively engage at-risk customers prior to a cancellation request

Drive Value Across the CX Journey

  • Enhance marketing and customer nurture campaigns
  • Optimise products and services to customer demand
  • Reduce need for reactive customer retentions
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