Customer Authentication

Leverage AI and biometric technologies to streamline customer authentication.

Faster, More Secure Customer Authentication

Sitel® Customer Authentication leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and biometric technologies to analyse consumer voice patterns and historic data to authenticate the caller.

Using the customer’s voice to identify the customer within an interactive voice response (IVR) solution delivers a fast and secure method of authentication, while also delivering a superior customer experience (CX).


AI and biometric authentication tools minimise the time agents spend authenticating the customer and drives efficiency.


Ideal for businesses handling personal customer data, or those with potential high risk of being targeted by fraudsters.


Leverage advanced AI technology to identify genuine customers accurately.

Measurable Results

Leverage AI and biometric technologies for more secure customer authentication.


Fraud Detection


Fraud Reduction

Leverage Biometric Data to Minimise Fraud Risk

Sitel Customer Authentication leverages voice biometrics, which can be combined with other caller data, including consumer location, consumer device, call quality and previous call data for increased levels of security. This information is used to detect potentially fraudulent callers, reducing fraud risk.

Authentication Security

Provides a higher level of consumer authentication, up to 95% accuracy in most deployment cases.

Authentication Speed

Automated, advanced authentication eliminates the need for multiple authentication questions, reducing average handle times (AHT).

Fraud Prevention

Identify potentially fraudulent callers and route high-risk interactions for enhanced screening.

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