Custom Blended & Digital Learning

Develop your teams with customised CX training to transform how customers experience your brand.

Training Designed and Delivered the Way You Need It

Custom learning ensures you focus on the skills and knowledge necessary to boost employee performance and expand the affinity customers have with your brand. Our blended learning capabilities integrate leading-edge learning technology and digital learning with instructor-led classroom activities to provide training anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Instructor-Led Learning

With instructor-led learning, whether in person or virtual, our programmes provide the necessary interaction and participation required for your specific training needs, offering coaching and supervision as needed.

Interactive and Rich-Media Content

With interactive and rich-media content, online courses, immersive virtual reality and social learning, online learning enables you to gather quantitative learner data effectively.

With an enhanced view of learner comprehension, engagement and proficiency data, you are better able to support and drive continuous improvement within your learning program.

Sitel® Custom Blended & Digital Learning leverages top-of-the-line educational tools, processes and technologies to create engaging CX learning experiences that will empower your employees to more confidently achieve their goals, all while creating deeper connections with your customers and elevating your brand.

The Benefits of Sitel® Custom Blended & Digital Learning

Customer Satisfaction

Performance-driven CX learning paths accompany your brand representatives, developing skills proven to boost customer satisfaction.

Quality Learning Experience

Our award-winning instructional design team creates unique learning experiences built upon deep industry expertise, engaging CX storytelling and proven blended training methodologies.


Customised learning paths are designed to expedite proficiency and align training goals to your brand’s business objectives.

Operational Efficiency

Personalised learning experiences reduce the learning curve and training costs, keeping your business KPIs in mind.

CX Improvement

Tailored curricula promote knowledge retention, skill acquisition and aptitude building to enhance your customer’s experience.

Learner Satisfaction

With learner-centric training we balance cognitive and emotional learning to build confidence and prepare your brand representatives to deliver a consistently outstanding CX.

Learning Data That Validates Your CX Results


Reduced Training Duration


Improved Speed to Proficiency


Average Learner Satisfaction Rate

“CX Learning mobilised its cross-disciplinary know-how and expertise, including a gifted scriptwriter who pitched scenes in remarkable fashion, a diverse programming schedule, and a deep understanding of this universe. Together, this enabled the creation of a TV channel that perfectly matches initial expectations. The agent engagement rate (97%) backs this up, as well as the agent performance regarding customer relations fundamentals and relational posture, which increased by an average of 12%.”

Sandrine Tardif Head of Training and Knowledge Management – VERISURE

A Learning Solution Tailored for Your Brand

Sitel Custom Blended & Digital Learning solutions are ideal for brands looking to impact their CX via a programme tailored to your needs and the voice of your brand. Whether you are looking to increase customer satisfaction, drive compliance or boost sales conversion, a blended approach to training will guarantee the most appropriate delivery and the optimal results from your training investment.

Our award-winning team of learning experts create interactive multimedia content for the most personalised, immersive and engaging professional development.

Finding the appropriate training balance is an art and a science mastered by our team of experts, always available to you through our EXP+™ Empower solutions.

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