Conversational AI

Evolve customer conversations and self-service requests with AI-assisted solutions.

Intelligent 24/7 Digital Experiences

Customers are frequently engaging in digital conversations with your brand. The 24/7 availability of self-service solutions has driven the evolution of traditional chatbots and IVRs into a new generation of omnichannel applications. Powered by these innovations, brands can anticipate the best possible responses, make decisions based on image analysis and assist agents with broader range of customer conversations than ever before.

Leverage AI-driven solutions using data and insights from customer conversations to improve outcomes and become more intelligent over time, providing your brand with unique and relevant interactions —driving highly personalised CX at scale.

Lead the Way with Industry-Leading Conversational AI

Recognised as the global leader in AI and Analytics by ISG for the last 2 years, Sitel Group® designs Conversational AI solutions for some of the world’s best-loved brands. Built around our core experience in customer care, our team ensures that every self-service and automated interaction is a seamless extension of your brand experience – delivering digital customer experience built around a human touch. With Sitel® Conversational AI, you will be able to evolve your digital experience, combining leading-edge technology with our expertise and leadership in customer experience (CX).

Sitel® Conversational AI Solutions

Automated Conversations

Create more engaging experiences across your customers’ digital channels of choice in a way that will always feel human.

Task Simplification

Create a scalable support model that addresses both complex CX situations – including product defect identification, purchase validation or warranty claims – and assist with everyday tasks like verifying transaction history, inquiring about claim status or order tracking.

Agent Enrichment

Optimise the agent’s time by refocusing your human talent on more complex tasks at the most valuable points in the customer journey – all while delivering faster automated resolution of more common requests, whenever your customers need you.

Chatbot Enhancement

Enhance your bot performance by identifying technical and operational opportunities and determining the changes needed to achieve your goals and build a closer relationship with your customers.

Making AI Conversations Happen

Deploy end-to-end automation solutions, built to your unique needs, with best-in-class technology and a robust AI foundation — championed by the passion and knowledge of our digital experts. With insights gained from each new customer interaction, our fully managed approach to conversational AI continually trains and optimises your brand’s digital CX, enriching the conversation and improving the service delivered on all channels.  

With unique conversational personas to embody your brand and project your values and tone of voice, Sitel Conversational AI delivers surprising and human-like experiences across a broad range of customer contacts.

“Currently our most important strategic partner, Sitel Group takes care of our consumers in Brazil, Europe and the USA, as well as providing the technology needed for our multi-award winning chatbot. I can confidently say that Sitel Group is one of the largest and best contact centre and technology companies on the market – a team passionate about what it does and always connected with the best tools and market trends. Sitel Group bring innovation and creativity to our processes and deliver great results for our partnership.”

Ivan Felix Senior Global User Relations Manager – Havaianas
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