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Deliver effortless self-service CX via a strategy that delivers relevant content when it is needed most.

The Power of Knowing How

Today’s digital world delivers an overabundance of information, captured and stored in multiple formats and across multiple sources. In a world where 73% of consumers state that CX is one of the most important factors when making a purchasing decision (Future of Customer Experience, PwC), helping customers connecting to the right information at the right time in their journey could be the key to success in building a deeper connection between your customers and your brand.

In our proprietary study, Driving Customer Loyalty: Perception, Effort and Action, consumers highlighted a brands ability to deliver a fast response to questions (53%) and easy-to-use self-service channels (51%) as key attributes of a positive CX – So investing into making information worthwhile, timely and accessible to customers and agents is key to achieving a rapid and successful resolution.

Sitel® Content Strategy combines end-to-end knowledge management and self-service solutions, providing customers and agents with the information they need when they need it.

Create Value in Your Customer Content

When it comes to CX, what makes content valuable? The answer is effortless relevance.

At any touchpoint in the customer journey, the value of self-service content – whether to your customers or to your employees – is based how accurately the information addresses needs, how easy the information was to find and whether the information was delivered to them when it was needed most.

With a robust Content Management System (CMS) at the heart of our solution, our strategic approach to content delivers effortless connections to your most relevant support information. Our experience equips your brand to create, edit, organise and publish the information and resources your customers and agents are searching for and harnesses user insights and contributions to optimise the quality and relevance of information within your knowledge base.

Measurable Results


Consumers Use Sitel® Self-Service Content Annually


Brands Take Advantage of Sitel® Self-Service Content


Agents Working for a Fortune 500 Company Accessing Sitel® Knowledge Management on a Regular Basis

Sitel® Content Strategy Can Help You:

Connect Your CX Knowledge

Identify sources, map processes, create content, cure and integrate them in a friendly and effective content management platform or knowledge base for all self-service needs.

Improve Self-Service Experience

Provide your customers with friendly and effective digital assistance for all self-service needs.

Equip Your CX Teams

Equip your agents with relevant and timely information to expedite resolution and promote satisfaction in every conversation.

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