Cloud Contact Centre

Unlock a new era of scalability, flexibility, and cost control.

Change the Way You Communicate Today

When changes in market conditions require rapid response, customers cannot wait for CX operations to adapt—and operations cannot wait for hardware and software capabilities to catch up.

By moving hardware architecture and software applications into a fully managed cloud service scenario, Sitel® Cloud Contact Centre delivers the nimble approach your operation needs.

Operations benefit from increased flexibility and reliability when demand surges, or when on-site turns into Work from Home, Work from Anywhere, and back again.

Cloud Adoption Is Rising Sharply

  • In 2019, only 2% of contact centre organisations were fully reliant on cloud suites, including telephony.
  • In 2022, that figure became 15%, per Gartner’s 2021 UCaaS Magic Quadrant — a 650% increase.

Sitel Cloud Contact Centre leverages 40 years of experience in the CX industry in positioning your organisation to scale simply and efficiently, closely matching capability and expenditure to usage and demand. Our solution reduces maintenance, installation, and total ownership costs, avoids unscheduled downtime and unexpected data losses, and equips your organisation for shifts in strategy that embrace a global customer base and global workforce.


Take the hardware headache out of responding to changes in demand with cost-effective cloud solutions.


Retain talent and improve connectivity with a geographically independent, device-agnostic platform.


Prioritise service continuity with cloud architecture that avoids unexpected interruptions or data losses.

Disrupt the Market, Not Your Organisation

Sitel Cloud Contact Centre enhances the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of every aspect of the omnichannel technology stack, from auto-diallers and CRM integrations to video calls, friendly and efficient chat bots, and increasingly intelligent menu systems that remove unnecessary workload from human agents.

  • Toggle software tests on and off by user, group, team or service.
  • Scale hardware and software without the headache of time-consuming upgrades and installations.
  • Enable multiple channels —voice, chat, messaging or email— and communicate using your customers’ channel of choice at any given moment.
  • End inefficient expenditure and say goodbye to unused capacity with a cloud setup that puts you on the front foot and accelerates performance.

The Flexibility You Need, When You Need It

Brands that cannot adapt become the architects of their own extinction. By positioning your tech and channel stack in the cloud, your brand is ready to innovate with a new level of agility, carving out advantages for customers, associates, and corporate systems.

  • Integrate plug-ins and connect existing software systems with a set of very flexible APIs.
  • Trial potential game-changers for only as long as you need to find the best mix for your unique operating environment.
  • Gain month-to-month or moment-to-moment flexibility without the headache of hardware configurations, software installations, or unused assets that block up your budget.

Expansion Through Automation

With Sitel Cloud Contact Centre, you can build out from existing capabilities with ease and simplicity. Drive down cost to serve and time to resolution by adding partially or fully automated solutions that maximise associate effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and customer convenience.

  • Make chat the foundation for chatbots that hand off to human agents or handle inquiries autonomously
  • Turn voice channels into a basis for callbots that offer guidance, resolve inquiries, and know when to introduce human colleagues
  • Add intelligence to IVR, unlocking pathways to non-contact solutions such as visual menu systems that seamlessly route to self-service

Lower Risks, Lower Total Costs

Because you only pay for what you use, resource allocation reaches an unprecedented level of efficiency.

  • Software licenses and hardware capabilities added and removed as needed.
  • No more stranded assets when seasonal or cyclical demand falls.
  • More accurate prediction on budget spend, less risks on unexpected changes due to increased flexibility.
  • Free up budget and encourage a culture of strategic innovation in customer experience.
  • Increase cost control, diverting resources to where they make the most difference.
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