Clickstream Analytics

Drive operational efficiencies across your organisation.

Uncover the Insights Hidden in Every Click

Monitoring key metrics and understanding customer behaviour across internal or external websites allows brands to differentiate and delight customers by creating enhanced programs and promoting business results.

With Sitel® Clickstream Analytics, uncover insights to reveal how your operational processes work and better equip your teams to engage and create a stronger customer experience.

Convert Customer Service Agents Into Brand Champions

  • Enable agents to work smarter with the right tools to track customer clicks and truly understand their behaviour.
  • Produce a more efficient Customer Experience (CX), solving issues the first time, every time.

Virtual Trail

Log the full browser clickstream, integrating case data from CRM, quality scores and shift data for a complete operational picture.

User Intent

Assess team performance, process and workflow outliers and internal tool analytics via customised reporting designed to deliver actionable insights.


Search video and annotation tools to replay real situations, driving coaching and training, facilitating debugging, and promoting best practice sharing.

Deliver Fast Time to Value


Decrease in Failure Rate


Improvement in Agent Ramp-Up Time


Decrease in Agent Variance


Increase in Agent Work Speed

Harness User Behaviour to Drive a More Effortless CX.

Via targeted root-cause analysis of user behaviours impacting performance within outlier customer journeys, Sitel Clickstream Analytics enables rapid identification of process improvements to deliver performance outcomes that make a tangible difference to the success of your CX program.

By combining the data-driven insights of Clickstream Analytics with 40+ years of experience in CX, our experts accelerate improvement programs with vertical-specific operational playbooks and industry best-practices across a variety of business cases.

Improve Process Efficiency

Quickly detect high-variance workflows and define the necessary actions to optimise results

Enhance Coaching Success

Identify the system behaviours that impact performance and offer support where it is needed most.

Assess Training Impact

Measure the impact of training by tracking live user behaviour, reducing ramp times and increasing speed to proficiency.

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