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Empower your chat teams with an intelligent coaching tool to practice conversational skills in messaging channels.

Technology for Conversational Learning

More than ever, customers use digital channels such as messaging and chat to interact with brands. Success in these channels, with greater customer expectations on simplicity, ease, and immediacy of response, requires different customer service approaches and skills from your team. To help your teams meet customer expectations, effective skill-based chat training is essential to familiarise agents with the requirements of working in non-voice channels and help them provide high-quality service at every client interaction.

With Sitel® Chat Simulator, our chatbot-based coaching solution, chat and messaging agents develop the skills for success through hands-on experience. Engaging in realistic, simulated conversations designed to match specific and actual customer interactions within the chat and messaging channel, agents learn the steps to follow, identify the information they will need, where to find it and how to share it — all while managing multiple concurrent chat conversations.

How Sitel® Chat Simulator works

Our cutting-edge solution supports and challenges learners, triggering a set of conversations with them to help identify issues and solutions by themselves.


The chatbot follows scripted training paths, with each question fitting into a predefined order.


The agent is encouraged to follow the best practices and proper problem-solving process, along with the questions and answers of a validated real customer journeys.


The chatbot helps agents identify solutions for their situation, detecting the correct answers through a keyword recognition system.

The Benefits of Sitel® Chat Simulator

Real-Scenario and Simulation-Based Learning

A unique training technology focused on quality with real-life scenarios providing employees with a very hands-on, immersive approach.

Self-Directed Learning

A solution that enables agents to improve their conversational and problem-solving skills quickly and progressively at their own pace and convenience.

In the Flow of Work

Training is provided in a short format, enabling learning in the flow of work, boosting learner engagement and improving knowledge retention.

Performance Driven

Analytics and reporting features ensure the effectiveness of the training provided and the follow-up of learner progress.

Personalised Training

Training scenarios are selected by coaches or managers according to the profile and needs of the learner, enabling one-on-one guidance.


Easily adaptable from day-to-day scenarios to unique and complex conversations across multiple situations.

A Positive and Significant Impact on Customer Interaction Quality


Increase in First Call Resolution


Improvement in Compliance* Rate


Of Potential Annual Savings**

*Ability to handle client cases in line with client criteria
**based on 100 agents going through the bot

Smart and Instant Support

Sitel Chat Simulator supports the performance of non-voice agents by helping to:

  • Familiarise agents with digital channels
  • Develop agents’ problem-solving skills
  • Build product and service knowledge
  • Develop written communication skills specific to chat and messaging channels
  • Build agent confidence and shorten the learning curve
  • Onboard agents in a cost-effective way 
  • Boost learning and improve productivity
  • Build productive habits and get ideas to solve client challenges
  • Improve support and customer satisfaction
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