Case Management & Orchestration

Connect back office to operations for a powerfully efficient customer service.

Accelerate Performance With Seamless Communication

No brand can build customer relationships or achieve long-term growth without delivering on customer experience. Yet in the race to serve the customer, it can be easy to overlook the fact that an efficient, well-connected customer service operation starts with the back office.

We know as well you do that what goes on behind the scenes defines operational success: good quality integration with back-office powers good quality customer service. No matter how great your agents are, your customer service will be subpar without the support of a seamless and efficient case management.

Optimise Your Back Office and Transform Customer Service With Sitel® Case Management & Orchestration

Sitel Case Management & Orchestration makes agents more efficient, supporting cost savings and driving customer satisfaction. Workflows are fully customisable, third-party platforms can be integrated and interfaced with, and journeys can be automated using rules-based formulas or Machine Learning AI. By managing all your customer support interactions in one place, our solution enables seamless, personal and efficient communication.  

Our solution increases performance in four key areas: task handovers, treatment times, information retrieval and distribution, and the detection and closure of service gaps. With Sitel Case Management & Orchestration, agents and managers can focus on where they add the most value.


Agents use a single tool to manage inquiries and access a customer’s profile and history, no matter the chosen channel.


Managers have a complete view of the backlog and can refine  the distribution of cases and advanced workflows at any time.


The dynamic interface makes it easy for brands to meet customers’ needs and respect SLAs, driving increased customer satisfaction.

A flexible solution that adapts to your changing needs, Sitel Case Management & Orchestration is capable of supporting the most complex businesses. By providing personalised support tailored to your brand service levels — when and where customers need it — and driving customer satisfaction, case management solutions support your customer experience (CX) optimisation.

Take a Clear Operational Focus With Sitel Group®

Our solution is built from the ground up with an in-depth, up-close understanding of immediate and long-term contact centre needs, integrating with any platform and any kind of data. That means easier communication, simplified day-to-day operations, efficient inquiry resolution and optimised costs.

Center the Customer

An intelligently designed back-office integration fulfils the customer promise. Back-office integration isn’t just the bare minimum for a functioning business, it’s the foundation for stronger customer relationships. It increases your operation’s relevance and importance, boosting the metrics that matter today and tomorrow.

Connect and Integrate

Empowered agents and systems resolve customer issues faster and better. A secure, unified back office set up to deliver access to everything agents need, when they need it ― any data, from any system ― helps you work smarter and boosts customer satisfaction scores.

Input Data, Output Intelligence

Automating data capture and import eliminates manual process errors and frees your agents to focus on customer experience. So does an intelligent, automatic task distribution based on agent skills, profiles and workflows. Automation and intelligence save time, increase efficiency and provide a real-time view of operational performance.

Efficiency Through Connection and Automation


Productivity Gains


Escalation via End-to-End Control


Cases Resolved With Automated Workflows


Overall Cost Reduction (Internal & BPO)

Speed and Simplicity

Sitel Case Management & Orchestration reduces complexity and speeds up resolution for customer service operations, because acceleration is key to improving business performance. We integrate with your existing systems to distribute essential and up-to-date information to the right place, in the right way, at the right time.

  • Workflows are intelligently automated, with tasks prioritised and distributed according to client business rules and service levels, increasing agent efficiency and productivity.
  • Business teams can adopt and adjust strategies independent of IT teams, constructing journeys that integrate or interface with data from your systems.
  • Managers and coaches obtain key elements for a continuous improvement approach via performance analyses structured by agent, team and process.
  • Operations can anticipate and respond to real-time changes thanks to customisable reports and supervision dashboards.
  • Measurement tools provide a 360-degree perspective on efficiency and optimisation opportunities, detecting and closing knowledge gaps.

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

We Offer More Than a Technology Platform

  • Our experts match platform features and configurations to your precise situation, providing comprehensive project management, reporting, training, go-live and post-launch support.
  • We respond to your specific use case and business needs through journey mapping and rapid-deployment solutions designed for immediate impact and continuous improvement.
  • Product features and functionalities are designed by and for customer service professionals, and user interfaces are optimised for different types of users and departments.
  • With Sitel, there’s always an expert on hand who understands your business needs and guides you in configuring and optimising your customer and employee experience.

Sitel Case Management & Orchestration links seamlessly with other products across Sitel Group’s EXP+™, including Knowledge Management , Self-service Solutions and Conversational Messaging, further enhancing your CX.

Our solution is based on our own proprietary customer engagement and case management platform – innso – and offers standard and customised APIs to connect with your in-house applications and third-party software.

“Through workflow automation and native dashboard capabilities, innso enabled us to optimise our back office, boosting productivity, collaboration and communication, while significantly reducing expenses. The tool is particularly easy to use and operational right away, for an almost immediate ROI.”

Thibault Constans Director of Customer Experience – Sogetrel
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