Deliver instinctive voice-based self‑service conversations and boost your customer satisfaction.

A Flexible, Smooth, Intuitive and Automated Voice Experience

Humanising automated voice interactions has become crucial for brands looking to deliver a superior customer experience in an omnichannel world. Sitel® Callbot provides a human-like digital voice solution that allows your brand to engage with your customers more naturally.

Sitel Callbot is a conversational AI technology that revolutionises customer self-service capabilities providing your customers with an efficient and engaging solution they can access anytime and anywhere.

With our Conversational Interactive Voice Response (CIVR), your customers can naturally describe the reason behind the call, request assistance or complete a self-service transaction.

Benefit From a More Natural Self-Service Customer Experience (CX) For Your Customers

  • Natural – Speak in complete sentences, just as if you were talking with a live agent
  • Personal – Ask any question in your own words
  • Efficient – Deliver quick and easy answers for faster resolution times

Embrace the future of customer engagement and enhance your intelligent IVR with Sitel Callbot. Let your customers explain what they need using their own words and phrases as if they were talking to a live agent.

How Does Sitel® Callbot Work?

Sitel Callbot is an intelligent voice assistant that uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language understanding (NLU), and natural language process (NLP) to both interpret and respond to customer requests engagingly and intelligently.

Our Sitel Callbot deciphers customer intent and learns with each conversation, augmenting its logic, knowledge base and linguistic capacity over time.

1. Decode Customer Voice

2. Transcribe Voice to Text

3. Analyse and Understand Intention

4. Respond and Guide

Speak Naturally – Seamless Voice – Based 24/7 Support

Sitel Callbot comprehends human conversations and interacts with them in real-time, providing a more relevant, enjoyable, engaging, and valuable brand-user experience than traditional forms of messaging.

Sitel Callbot enables your customers to resolve multiple queries in a single automated call with ease. Your customers enjoy the convenience of interacting with your brand without having to wait to speak with an agent. By simply speaking naturally, customers receive instant responses.

Customer-Centric Design

Sitel Callbot is configured to respond to your customer needs and queries to provide the best response and fastest customer support.

A 24-Hour Instant Channel​

Uninterrupted customer support that helps resolve customer inquiries autonomously without having to wait.

Superior Customer Experience

Customers enjoy the convenience of immediate, intuitive service and a smoother resolution without going through a maze of options and selections.

Enrich the Customer Experience

Provide instant response time 24 hours a day and real-time resolution, improving the quality-of-service customer experience.

Provide 24/7 Natural-Voice Automation That Feels Like Human


Call Engagement


Accuracy Identifying Query


Task Completion


Self Service Utilisation

A Large Range of Customer Applications

Sitel Callbot can interact along your customer journey, providing personalised and result-driven experiences your brand desires.

  • Information inquiries, guidance and FAQs 
  • Order status checks
  • Returns and refunds 
  • Bookings and cancellations 
  • Account, billing, or payments
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