Call Recording

Enable your managers to hear when someone is playing the wrong notes.

Amp up Your Service With Call Recording

Archived, analysed and applied as an integral part of performance improvement and legal compliance policies, call recordings show quality analysts, managers, coaches and agents precisely what happened over the course of a customer interaction.

Whether limited to audio or combined with screen activity capture, call recordings provide reference points for performance assessments, powerful learning tools for the onboarding process, and insights into the impact of new campaigns, products, trends and training sessions.

How Call Recording Helps Create the Perfect Pitch

Agent Evaluations

A reference point for coach and agent conversations around performance assessments.

Improved Operations

An overview of and insight into the impact of new campaigns, products, trends and training.


Improving compliance to, and deployed in compliance with, the local, national and regional laws protecting sensitive personal and financial information.

Initial Training

Real-world examples make for powerful learning tools, guiding agents toward the mindsets and methods that help them excel.

Dispute Resolution

Did your agent really obtain customer consent? Did your customer communicate as they recall? When you need to know, call recording provides the answer.

Identify Customer-Impacting Issues

Leverage call recording to isolate emerging issues before they erupt and identify opportunities to get ahead of customer expectations and competitor strategies.

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