Call Disposition

Add notes, labels and tags to your call logs and integrated CRM.

Know Call Outcomes, Improve Operations

Whether setting up for inbound, outbound, or hybridised campaigns, call disposition is an easy, efficient way to simplify the after-call processes and zap agent wrap-up times.

It provides agents with a handy little shortlist of concise, pre-defined phrases that summarise a call’s outcome. All agents have to do is pick the right one—notes optional.

There, All Done! Now It’s Time for Call Disposition to Do the Heavy Lifting

Better experience for agents, teams, and customers. Enhanced responsiveness from coaches, managers and site directors.

Integrate Into Workflows and CRMs via Disposition Codes

Trigger Task Transfers and Case Closures

Create At-A-Glance Visibility Onto Overall Call Outcomes

Where most kinds of customer relationship management (CRM) software offer some type of call disposition, different operations require different amounts of flexibility: configurations that can be altered on-the-fly, or detailed dispositioning trees that can be adjusted for each brand, activity, country, or team, for example. This is where the Sitel Group® operational expertise comes into play.

Simple and Intuitive

Designed for and by operations, the Sitel® Call Disposition module offers fully customisable screens with qualification fields to manage any type of contact dispositioning.

  • Create specific screens adjusted to each type of activity in a few clicks
  • Add a call template or script to help agents deliver the best service possible
  • Design a decision tree to help diagnostic and case detection
  • Activate the “Once & Done” function to easily measure FCR
  • Automate distribution to a specific agent, skill or team according to your specific processes

Real-Time Management

The Sitel Call Disposition module integrates with dashboards and supervision screens to constantly steer activity and agents.

  • Agents can assess their overall performance and highlight issues so that they can make improvements where applicable
  • Supervisors can monitor in real-time open and closed customer conversations and requests, and manage the flow of requests accurately and in line with SLAs
  • Managers have a comprehensive view of all key indicators including AHT, number of open/closed cases, total number of conversations to close a case following the first contact, whole duration of a case until resolution, and duration of each interaction, agent and customer response delay, and more

Administration in the Hands of Operations

Sitel Call Disposition is easy to configure and fast to deploy. Operations have total autonomy to make any changes and improvements in the system.

  • User experience build by UI and UX experts for use by operations
  • Designed and implemented to minimise IT resource footprint, enabling operations to optimise independently
  • Each deployment supported by an experienced, cross-functional Professional Services team
  • Reports and dashboards adjustable according to evolving operational needs
  • Flexibility and extensibility through integration with CRMs, in-house software, or related modules that cover conversational messaging, email, self-service, etc.

Automatic Display of the Customer Profile

Sitel® CTI Screen Pop is integrated with the call disposition module so the customer profile of the caller can be displayed automatically to the agent.

  • Choose the most important customer information to be presented immediately to the agent
  • Personalise the customer profile with personal data, transactional data, customer preferences and history of contacts and enquiries
  • Manage inbound calls, transfer, put on hold or click to dial from the case if the agent needs to recall the customer
  • Add a message in the case when transferring a call to another agent
  • Search for additional information about the customer without losing the thread of the conversation

Improve Your Customer Service and Secure Data Capturing

Raise Quality

Lower AHT

Improve Agent Comfort

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