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A strategic consultancy service to upgrade your bot efficiency.

Beyond your Chatbot Possibilities and How to Get There

Is your chatbot performing at its peak? Keeping your bot up to date requires an in-depth analysis and expert diagnosis to ensure that AI technology, decision-making logic, content strategy and even linguistics are still serving your customer’s ever-changing demands.

Maintaining high-performance innovations is the key to remaining competitive and appealing to your customers. This complex challenge requires unique abilities as chatbot capabilities these days come in all shapes and sizes.

With Sitel® Boost Your Bot, we assess your current bot performance through our systematic approach, looking to improve behaviour and add functionality, providing recommendations that will significantly enhance indicators and bring your customer closer to your brand.

Our Approach: 


We provide a holistic evaluation of your current chatbot’s ecosystem to understand its capabilities and limitations better.

Live Meetings

We analyse the findings, map business objectives, add context and identify critical areas of improvement.


We create a roadmap with three short, medium or long-term timelines for implementing necessary changes by area.

Benefit From a Holistic Approach to Increase Your Chatbot’s Performance and Make Your Brand Shine

  • Chatbot performance
    Data, content, UX
  • Chatbot environment
    Website, social media, stakeholders and staff
  • Chatbot identity
    Brand values, tone of voice, persona
  • Chatbot design
    Personality, architecture, capabilities

Unravel Your Bot Potential for Ultimate CX Efficiency

Sitel® Boost Your Bot helps you boost your performance through every interaction that your customers have with your bot.

  • Improve your CX KPIs
  • Influence ROI 
  • Achieve more natural conversations
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Select the right digital solution
  • Refine your bot persona

Your Bot, Your Way

Sitel Boost Your Bot gives you total flexibility to get the best from your bot. Our solution can be end-to-end, from strategy to implementation, or lay the ground for your team to develop. Chatbot transformation the way you want it.


Based on Sitel® Boost Your Bot recommendations, we redesign and rebuild a robust chatbot solution that lines up with your expectations.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You can make the actual changes on your own following a series of training, workshops and coaching sessions that will guide you throughout the process and help guarantee the best results. 

“Our proven methodology allows us to deep-dive into your chatbot’s behaviour, achieving better results and finding new growth opportunities.”

Lucia Andrade CX Digital Expert – SME Lead – Sitel Group
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