Automatic Call Distribution

Implement the most effective call routing strategy.

Manage All Your Inbound and Outbound Calls

The Sitel® Automatic Call Distributor System (ACD) recognises, answers, and routes incoming calls to the right agent, at the right time, regardless of location. It improves customer service by directing calls to the agents who can best answer the inquiry, reducing contact centre costs by increasing agent utilisation and productivity.

Connecting to Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and telephony systems, the ACD acts as a traffic controller. It routes the right calls to the right agents, manages queues and peak demand overflows, prioritises urgent requests, and virtualises and orchestrates contact centres in the One Team, Work from Anywhere era.

With the Sitel® ACD, you can:

Route the Right Call to the Right Agent

Sitel ACD sorts calls according to the attribute or attributes that matter to your organisation, whether it be inquiry type, destination department, agent role and skill or skills, language, originating phone number, and so on.

Prioritise Urgent Requests

Using data stored within organisational systems, an ACD can recognise specific customers as high priority and route them directly to the next appropriately-skilled agent that becomes available.

Measure the Pulse of Customer Service

Real-time access to inbound call volumes, average call duration, and queue times enables operations to respond to demand quickly, distributing resources to where they are most needed.

Monitor Calls and Coach Agents

The ACD enables managers and coaches to listen in to live calls, communicate with agents discretely, or join ongoing conversations to maximise employee comfort, increase performance and improve the customer experience.

Connect CTI, IVR, Queue Management and Callback

With an ACD in place, companies can maximise efficiency and coordinate the management of multiple queues, categorised according to requirement—inquiry type, team, point of entry. By combining CTI, IVR, and Callback capabilities with one unified system, agents benefit from rapid customer authentication and context, customers gain a pathway to faster resolution, and satisfaction improves through virtual queueing and appointment scheduling.

Orchestrate CX in the One-Team, Work From Anywhere Era

Virtualisation technologies enable CX organisations to operate across multiple locations, whether regionally or internationally.

Multiple corporate phone networks can be managed as one, enabling customers, agents, teams, and departments to communicate regardless of point of origin, and call blending dynamically allocates agents to inbound or outbound functions.

Choose the Routing Method That Maximises Your Efficiency in CX

Control How Calls Are Handled to Optimise CX and Resources for Your Organisation:

  • By Rules:
    Calls are routed according to queue volume, priority, inquiry type, agent skill, etc.
  • By Time:
    Calls are routed according to day or time—a calendar-based method of anticipating agent or department availability
  • By Area:
    Calls are routed according to geographic origin

Leverage Data for Optimum Operating Efficiency

Beyond call routing and systems integration, Sitel ACD supplies activity data that inform real-time dashboards and enable live optimisations from managers and supervisors.

Queue volumes, wait times, abandonment rates, and handling times inform the monitoring and adjustment that achieves SLA, meets and exceeds rising customer expectations, and sustains operational performance.

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