Auto Diallers

Maximise your agents’ productivity and reduce downtime.

Boost Outbound Productivity and Give Agents the Power to Get More Done

An auto dialler is an outbound-facing contact centre software tool that works through a list of phone numbers on behalf of agents. This saves agent time as the software automates the outbound call process, reducing the resources spent on dialling phone numbers each day.

What happens next is up to you. Upon connection, auto dialler systems can play a prepared message or immediately transfer the call to a live agent, with dialling modes adapted to different business needs:

Predictive Dialler

Improve accuracy and contact rates in service of sales and lead management by using data-driven algorithmic predictions that match outbound call cadence to agent availability trends.

Power Dialler

Prioritise quality and drive efficiency with a Power dialling in response to live agent availability, ensuring every successful call connects to an available agent.

Preview Dialler

Prepare agents for higher quality, higher value interactions with key information about their next call before it happens, or allow them to pick their calls from a shortlist.

Manual Dialler / Click-to-dial

Put agent expertise at the heart of the contact process, within the safe confines of a regulatory compliance policy.

Auto Diallers Accelerate Efficiency in Customer Service, Outbound Sales and Voice of the Customer Campaigns

The ability to connect customers with the right agent or right message generates versatility across industry verticals.

  • Appointments:
    Reach out to customers or contacts at a time of their choosing, remind them of scheduled meetings and confirm previous arrangements
  • Status Updates:
    Keep customers informed about inquiry and order progression
  • Alerts and Announcements:
    Inform clients about pertinent changes in relevant policies, logistical arrangements or environmental factors

Boost Sales and Unlock Exponential Growth

Sitel® Predictive Dialler uses data-driven algorithms to understand call handling times, predict future agent availability, and enable agents to spend more time in customer conversations, addressing needs and closing sales — all while remaining compliant with relevant regulations.

Our effective, predictive dialling system can:

  • Detect busy signals, voicemail messages, disconnected numbers and unanswered calls
  • Evaluate unsuccessful calls
  • Determine which contacts should be called back
  • Reduce idle time by connecting agents with live calls
  • Increase outbound call volumes
  • Improve overall agent productivity
  • Deliver proactive outreach and keep customers in the loop

When to Use a Predictive Dialler

Predictive diallers are powerful contributors to operational efficiency, allowing agents to spend more time driving towards KPIs, whether used for customer service, collections, feedback surveys, outreach campaigns, research projects or elsewhere.

Sitel CX Technology experts help you select and implement the best solution to manage outbound campaigns from across our range of technology partners. We offer our full support in ensuring compliance with laws that govern dialler use.

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