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|World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020

World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2020

"Mental Health, we all have it" Everyone has mental health, but does everyone have strategies to keep their’s healthy.

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by Mandy Webb October 9, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

Earlier in the year we talked to Sally Bee about mental health wellness.

Sally is a Heart Health Expert, Author, Presenter, and Wellness Coach. In recognition of and supporting World Mental Health Day we are re-sharing that podcast here.

We all want to be fit and healthy and recognise that a healthy workforce has benefits for not only the employer but also the employee. Whilst we encourage physical fitness; mental health is as important. How do you recognise the signs of mental health becoming unhealthy, what are your mental health hacks and the big question will be what are organisations doing to encourage healthy minds?

World Mental Health Day October 10th 2020 supports awareness of mental health. In the words of Sally Bee ‘Mental Health – We all have it’. There are simple steps you can take to look after your mental health, one of the most important is to accept we all have mental health and like physical health we can recognise when we are becoming unhealthy. Most people will have their go to strategies and it is important to seek the advice of professionals to help you recognise signs and to help you manage your mental health.

It is widely recognised and proven that the impact of Covid19, lockdown and isolation will have an impact on mental health. Not only during lockdown but also as lockdown is eased. It is reported that levels of anxiety will remain high and this will in turn impact mental health. The negative effects of poor mental health on the workforce as reported by the Institute of Directors state that 37% of suffers are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues, 48% find it harder to juggle multiple tasks, 85% find it difficult to concentrate, 64%t take longer to do tasks, 48% are potentially less patient with customers/clients.

So if your anxiety levels are increasing it is important to remember you are not on your own. Reaching out to a friend or a professional to talk can help, or having a mental health buddy who can help you recognise the signs.

As employers we all have a duty of care to acknowledge the physical and mental impact on employees and help create not only safe environments to work in but also to be able to voice their concerns. From creating safe physical spaces to creating forums and management styles to encourage open communications. We also need to make sure we are aware of how to support employees with both their physical and mental health. The two are not unrelated.

Sally Bee  has some great advice. During the podcast we discuss;

  • Lockdown and its’ affect on your mental health
  • Mental health – everyone has it!
  • Lockdown  – Loss of liberty – that’s just a perception
  • The importance of routine and why (Needs and Rituals)
  • Gratitude – the magic word!
  • Altering your mindset through movement
  • Appreciating the benefits of lockdown
  • Looking to the future

written by Mandy Webb Director Marketing
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