Sitel at Home is connecting the right clients with the right agents at the right times, whatever the conditions.

As the competition for talent increases, and as the demands from both brands and the customers they serve continues to ramp up, Sitel Group is rebooting the Work-At-Home model to connect the right agent with the right customer at the right moment.

By building a network of tenured CX experts who are ready to step in at a moment’s notice – whether to deal with contact canter traffic spikes, unforeseen product or service issues, or for business continuity purposes, we’re ensuring our clients can always draw upon the best talent across the country or across the continent in order to honour their brand promise.

At the same time, for our agents, the Work At Home model gives them more than just flexibility and a greater work/life balance. It gives them the opportunity to focus their talents and capabilities on the interactions that matter. And while this may seem relatively simple, it’s key to employee engagement and motivation  – both of which are the foundations on which a differentiated customer experience is built.

But don’t just take our word for it; our approach is getting noticed, most recently by revered analyst Peter Ryan of Ryan Advisory who notes:

“The changes unfolding in customer experience delivery are as profound as they are far-reaching.  What has become clear of late is that enterprises are looking for front-line solutions that yield results, and they are more open to leveraging alternatives that otherwise would have been off the table even a few short years ago. 

“One of these options for front-line delivery is work-at-home agents, with many companies actively exploring the possibility of a more virtual workforce.  It is in this vein that Sitel has decided to re-double its efforts around this business model, concentrating on distinguishing itself in a crowded field of outsourcers, many of which have yet to truly embrace this way of delivering customer experience.” Read the full article here.

The organisations that will deliver on the future of customer experience are those that can align their internal talent with external demands. Our Work at Home network across North America already boasts over 1400 senior associates who together provide clients with sunrise to sunset operations, specialise in exception handling and ensure that no matter when in the year a client’s peak season falls, its customer are never left on hold.

And, as we continue to grow as a global organisation with a local focus we are implementing the model beyond U.S. borders. Starting in Europe with a focus on banking, finance and insurance services – industries where day or night, customers need the reassurance that only a real connection with a real person can bring.

To learn more about how Sitel can support you with your Work at Home Solution you can access more information here or contact either Mandy Webb or Isobel Rogers directly.

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