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|What Makes EXP+™ Different?

What Makes EXP+™ Different?

Best-in-class technologies combined with global leadership in end-to-end CX management and delivery. A deep focus on identifying and unlocking business value in the shortest time frame, regardless of the organization or its business sector. These are examples of why EXP+™, the Enterprise Experience Platform from Sitel Group®, make a measurable difference to your organization.

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown October 26, 2020 - 3 MIN READ

Whether it’s a vendor, a consultant or an analyst, a recommendation – for a new business process, system or technology – is just that, a recommendation. It’s an opinion based on experience of the product or solution rather than experience of the individual ins and outs of your enterprise and the industry in which it operates.

The only way to answer the question of whether a solution can truly be adopted by your business, integrated into existing workflows and deliver on your unique organisational needs, is through working in collaboration with a partner whose experience of business demands, particularly with respect to delivering customer experience (CX) solutions, is equal to their experience in developing and deploying solutions and services.

Experience More with EXP+™ – More Value, More Expertise, More Customer Satisfaction

EXP+™ from Sitel Group® is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services, while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. EXP+ offers integrated and vertical-specific solutions, tailored to your specific needs. From performance management to chat, email and voice-based contact centre solutions to digital transformation, automation, data-driven insights and CX consulting, EXP+ delivers more.

Best-in-class CX is essential for best-loved brands across the globe. Consumers are actively looking for an outstanding, differentiated CX and reward businesses that deliver. While the definition of good CX is constantly changing, EXP+ delivers the flexible and forward-thinking solution you need to stay ahead of customer expectations.

EXP+ is a distillation of 35+ years’ leadership in the CX management space. At Sitel Group , we connect customers with brands 4.5 million times every day via every channel from voice to social media. This depth of customer understanding, when aligned with our breadth of digital capabilities plus insights pertaining to each business sector from IT and telecoms to retail, travel, banking and insurance, is the source of our intellectual property (IP). Our IP, applied throughout proprietary playbooks, ensures that our clients unlock the value and realise the benefits of digital transformation in the shortest possible timescale, keeping their business one step ahead.

The Best Solution Meets your Individual Needs

We don’t dedicate our resources or expertise to delivering for a single industry or vertical or on proposing products and services that don’t represent the best of breed or support best-practise for an individual organisation when legacy systems or processes are taken into account.

Instead, we’re dedicated to understanding what makes customers tick – now and in the future – regardless of the industry and developing the tools, technologies and means for meeting those evolving needs. If we recommend or adopt a third-party technology or process as part of our own solution delivery, it is because it is the exact answer to your unique question. And it’s an answer we’voe arrived at through rigorous R&D, industry benchmarking and real-world testing.

Continuous Improvement as Standard

This approach is why our clients partner with us in confidence. They know that the solutions and services we provide are not only aligned with their current needs, but are agile and scalable and poised to continue delivering value in the future as needs evolve and business landscapes change.

EXP+ exists in a continual feedback loop whereby the platform is constantly being improved and iterative changes being made based on real world experiences of businesses of all sizes across all verticals and operating in every geographical territory across the globe.

This is how EXP+ delivers greater positive impact and speed to value than any of the individual technologies leveraged.

The Tools you Need, When you Need Them

With EXP+ you can surround your organisation with an ecosystem of interrelated and connected products and solutions that are focused on meeting your needs as those needs evolve and in doing so constantly unlock business value. As your business grows and diversifies your CX solutions have to be able to respond immediately to these changes without lag or disruption.

Thanks to our combination of IP and vertical understanding, we’voe been able to design EXP+ as a platform where any individual element can make a measurable difference to an organisation’s CX delivery. However, like any true platform, the multiplier effect of using elements together will have an exponential effect on how you meet your customers’ needs.

And it’s in meeting customer needs where EXP+ stands out. Your customers are diverse and the only way to continually align with them is through partnership with a CX management expert who can demonstrate an equally diverse approach. It’s through diversity of products, tools and technologies that we arrive at solutions that are truly tailored to your business needs.

Deliver Greater Value – Fast

EXP+ delivers greater value over a shorter time. It is designed to scale and to create flexible connections where data and insights are never lost. By using our decades of expertise and CX know-how, you can be confident it can deliver a solution that fits your needs today and ready to unlock opportunities, a step ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.

With EXP+, you will boost efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction, giving you the power to streamline and optimise every aspect of your end-to-end CX delivery.

Learn more about EXP+ in our recent EmpowerCX NOW Bitesize episode below.

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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