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|UKCCF Midlands Networking Event, hosted by Sitel

UKCCF Midlands Networking Event, hosted by Sitel

On the 5th September 2018, Sitel had the pleasure of hosting the UKCCF Networking Event for the Midlands. Taking place at our UK head office in Coventry, the event consisted of peer networking, talks from industry experts and concluded with a site tour.

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UKCCF Midlands Networking Event hosted by Sitel
by Sitel staff September 17, 2018 - 4 MIN READ

On the 5th September 2018, Sitel had the pleasure of hosting the UKCCF Networking Event for the Midlands. Taking place at our UK head office in Coventry, the event consisted of peer networking, talks from industry experts and concluded with a site tour.

Trevor Butterworth Ceo of ukccf ltd

The morning kicked off with a thirty-minute networking session, with attendees joining from across the country and from an array of businesses and industries. Following the networking session Trevor Butterworth, CEO of UKCCF Ltd, provided an overview of the morning’s itinerary along with details around the offerings available for UKCCF members, such as webinars and special interest groups covering subjects like social media, cybersecurity & GDPR, amongst others. Trevor also discussed the upcoming UKCCF Awards which will take place on 2nd November 2018. This year has seen the highest number of nomination forms being submitted, so the competition will be tough for everyone. After the introductory session/talk, Trevor introduced the first of three guest speakers; Jeremy Greenwood, Head of Product from i-Net.

i-Net was established in 2008 and has 3 main prongs to their business;

  • The i-Net intelligent network – as a telecoms carrier, I-Net has unrestricted access to number ranges; they are able to supply geographic and non-geographic numbers. Furthermore, during busy periods they can use their partnerships with other telecommunications companies to provide alternative call routes when existing routes are at capacity, therefore avoiding inconveniencing customers and ensuring service remains stable and consistent
  • Complete Cloud Contact Centre – As one of the first businesses to bring the cloud to this market, i-Net are industry experts in this field. They can provide a telephone system within the cloud as well as Omni-channel solutions for better, faster and more cost-effective customer engagement
  • iPBX Cloud Technology – Providing cloud-based systems to control and manage calls, call routing, out of hours and call recordings.
Jeremy Greenwood, Head of Product from i-Net

The talk conducted by Jeremy educating the audience about these 3 business streams and the offerings available through i-Net, as well as covering a case study with one of their partners, DTV. The case study summarised how i-Net have unified the technology used to stimulate growth in the DTV contact centre, whilst keeping costs down and providing a flexible licensing model that was suitable for their business.

The second guest speaker was Rohan Newton, from SVL Business Solutions; the UK’s most experienced specialist provider of multimedia interaction recording and contact centre applications. These applications cover various areas of the contact centre business including quality management, analytics, customer feedback, workforce management, and real-time solutions. They are also the longest established specialist provider of voice recording and voice analysist solutions. During his talk Rohan discussed the benefits of voice analytics and how this technology can help a business optimise their call monitoring, ensuring they are listening and evaluating meaningful calls as opposed to picking a selection of ‘average’ calls. The use of analytics can also help to improve first call resolution, handling time, agent retention, quality analysis and reporting productivity, plus much more.

Rohan Newton, SVL Business Solutions

Rohan then went on to discuss the pricing structure, which is based on a per-agent, per-month rental model, eliminating the need for a large outlay at the start of the operation setup. In addition to this, he also covered the functionality of the technology and how it can apply structure to call monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

Following a brief coffee break, the last of the guest speakers was Neil Martin; Creative Director from The First Word. Running training sessions, establishing a business’ tone of voice and working with quality analysts to build a great quality framework is all part of what the First Word do in a bid to help companies sound more human and less like robots when interacting with customers. During his talk, Neil reached out to everyone in the room by asking them to read real-life examples of customer letters and emails and then guess which were written by a human and which were written by a robot. Discussed was also the best way to structure a letter or email to a customer, especially in the case of a complaint where it is important to identify what is most important to the customer and write this first.

Neil Martin, Creative Director from The First Word

As the talk came to a close, Neil also shared his top tips for improving a company’s approach to writing to customers:

  • Show employees how to write like a human, don’t just tell them
  • Put tone of voice into your quality framework
  • Put feelings before facts
  • Beware of writing passively
  • If you wouldn’t say it, don’t write it

The next stage of the itinerary was a talk by Greg Aiello, Regional Operations Support Director for Sitel UK&I. Beginning with details around the offerings available through Sitel Group, Greg then went on to discuss a hot topic in the lead up to Q4; Peak Management. Greg provided his best practice advice on handling peaks and managing all aspects of it, using examples of planned and unplanned peaks as well as short notice, fixed-term business contracts that have operated within Sitel contact centres in the UK. To put into perspective how peak can be best managed, Greg provided a case study involving a partnership between Sitel and a retailer, who require double the workforce from September through to Christmas and New Year. This additional resource is then switched to another partner of Sitel; a charity whose peak time in from spring through to September, allowing the additional employees to be switched between the campaigns; reducing recruitment and training costs. Emphasis on employee engagement was also given, with suggestions such as team games, incentives, seasonal decorations, and retention bonuses being excellent ways to make this high pressured time of year more enjoyable for all involved.

Greg Aiello, Regional Operations Support Director for Sitel UK and Ireland

To conclude the event, attendees were given the opportunity to join a site tour led by the Head Office Site Director, Amanda Peake. The feedback from those who joined the tour was extremely positive, with Sitel receiving praise for their client branding, which helps to clearly distinguish one campaign from another and allows employees to be absorbed into the culture of the client they represent.

In summary, the event was informative and engaging, with great insights and experience shared from a variety of businesses and some interesting topics were covered, which will no doubt trigger some engaging discussions going forward. Sitel is looking forward to being a continued member of the UKCCF and taking part in future events, webinars, and special interest sessions.

If you would like to find out more about UKCCF or any of the businesses who took part in this event, please visit their websites:



SVL Business Solutions:

The First Word:

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