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|Trust will be King

Trust will be King

The largest remote working experiment in business history is gradually coming to an end, yet it’s still too early to tell if it was a complete success or decide if full time work from home will be part of the new normal, post-pandemic.

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by Sitel staff May 18, 2021 - 1 MIN READ

Businesses that already had a remote working platform or a clear policy to leverage have experienced productivity gains, drops in absenteeism and increased employee retention, as well as greater resiliency and business continuity.  Yet the event of 2020 have also highlighted potential weaknesses in the work from home model. Regulated industries such as banking and financial services have faced challenges in maintaining compliance in a remote setting. Likewise, because of the stress, confusion and concern created by the pandemic, cyberattacks such as fishing and fraud in the form of social engineering have risen sharply.

Whether the future is 100% work from home, a wholesale return to offices and sites, or a hybrid model that leverages the best of both worlds, customer trust must be the central tenet of any approach.

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