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|Sitel UK Celebrates International Women’s Day

Sitel UK Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today Sitel UK is celebrating International Women’s Day across all its sites.  Recognising the challenges and achievements of women for more than a century, this day is about celebrating the role of women but it’s also about continuing to campaign for change and then making that change happen.

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by Karl Brough March 8, 2018 - 1 MIN READ

Proud to be a People First company, at Sitel we offers a welcoming, fair, safe and healthy work environment to all our associates where business is conducted with ethics, transparency and integrity.  Treating our associates with dignity and respect, we recognise and celebrate the differences that shape us and make our sites more interesting, rich and joyful places to work.

We strongly believe in living and supporting an equal opportunities approach across our business, which is reflected in an almost equal split of male and female associates in our workforce at Sitel UK – whether that be on agent or management level.  To mark International Women’s Day, I’m very pleased to announce that our Midlands team will now be led by three female site directors, continuing the growth and drive of our regional team.  We are excited about the added diversity and new ideas that these fantastic new team members will bring and wish them the best of luck.


Karl Brough
written by Karl Brough General Manager UKIN Region at Sitel Group
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