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|Sitel Group Celebrates MAX Day

Sitel Group Celebrates MAX Day

Sitel’s My Associate Experience (MAX) is a concrete commitment to the group’s vision that the associate experience is the customer experience

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by Martin Wilkinson-Brown September 30, 2019 - 2 MIN READ

A milestone in Sitel Group history: MAX Day. This October, we welcomed more than 8,000 of our associates – our MAX Insiders – into a community for crowd-sourcing innovative and digital ideas to help shape and build the future of Sitel Group. 

Transforming our business

At Sitel, we have long stated that the employee experience is the customer experience. Now, we are further bringing this to life with clear action by actively engaging with and listening to our frontline associates. With digital disruption and innovation as the standard in the business world, we are committed to transforming our organisation with MAX. 

As leaders in innovation, we are building thriving environments, harnessing new technologies and celebrating a culture where we can perform at our best to drive more meaningful customer connections. As we continue investing in the customer experience industry, I am proud to celebrate #MAXday as a new milestone in our innovative journey together.

Closer to our people

I know that organisational transformation, if it’s to be successful, starts with people – leveraging the collective genius of the workforce – especially the frontline. Starting my career with Sitel Group as a frontline employee 18 years ago, staying connected to the heart of our business has always been important to me. Being on the floor, supporting our clients and their customers, is where the magic happens in our business. 

Our human intelligence is a huge source of inspiration, ideas and energy. And as the primary users of many of our tools and the voices of some of the world’s best-known brands, who better to lead the innovation in our industry?

Being human – one innovative step at a time

Sitel MAX, with the input of our global Insiders community, ensures that innovation at Sitel does not happen by chance – it is delivered by design – making it easier for everyone to take part in shaping our future plans, sharing ideas to craft new experiences or insights to improve the current processes and platforms. Through crowd-sourcing and co-creation activities with MAX, we are removing organisational silos to work cross-functionally. Our new solutions will be developed only after listening to our customers and end-users – our people. By putting innovation in the hands of our people this, in turn, enables us to better support our clients and our clients’ customers.

Our first steps of the MAX Roadmap

  • Build a real associate experience – Our goal with MAX is to drive a consistent, engaging and valuable employee experience across our culture, technology and working environment. MAX Insiders will participate in design-thinking activities, tests and workshops. They are joining this global, hyper-connected community to make an impact on our group’s employee experience for today and tomorrow.

  • Drive new, grounded brand messaging – Through our MAX Culture initiative, we are proud to be an organisation that is defining and aligning its new group mission directly with its people. We are building this around our associate experience and the value we bring to customers, each other and the communities in which we live and work. With this new mission, we will celebrate our people, our culture and our group’s go-forward strategy bringing value for some of the world’s best-known brands.

HubForum Paris – October 15

This year, Olivier Camino, our COO and founding partner, shares his insights, passion and vision for MAX at HubForum Paris. In his presentation, he discusses how organisational transformation with a focus on people in, “MAXimum Innovation – Transforming Starts with Human Experience.”

Click here for more information and details. 

written by Martin Wilkinson-Brown Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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