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|Recognition during COVID19. Sitel UKI Demonstrates Great Team Spirit.

Recognition during COVID19. Sitel UKI Demonstrates Great Team Spirit.

In these times of uncertainty, something we are sure about is that our team will always make us proud. After a very special mention by Matt Hancock on national television earlier in the month, we are excited to bring you news of another, rather tasty accolade. Our team have received another special thank you.

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by Mandy Webb June 19, 2020 - 0 MIN READ

We introduce to you, Sitel’s very own ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ gingerbread winners! 

The team in Plymouth have been honoured by Sarah Nelson’s Original Celebrated Grassmere Gingerbread  , an independent bakery based in Cumbria. Our Sitel employees were nominated by a customer of the bakery thanks to their dedication, professionalism and personal care as key-workers during the COVID-19 crisis, once again proving that our #SitelFamily are always there to help. 

As well as receiving the tasty treats, the team was also issued with a letter of appreciation for their efforts.

Well done to everyone involved and to our #SitelFamily as all of the #SitelHeroes are working hard supporting our customers.

written by Mandy Webb Director Marketing
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