The impact of COVID- 19 coronavirus pandemic has seen many changes to all businesses. The contact centre industry has seen significant changes with almost every customer experience specialist moving agents from their centres to home. At Sitel we have successfully achieved this on a Global Scale.

Moving your teams from an office-based role to home takes a lot of coordination, flexibility and agility. The BPO industry as a whole has reacted quickly to put in place work at home solutions. Closer to home, in fact Sitel at Home, our UK team, has fully excelled and is continuing to build on our work at home model. Our infrastructure has allowed us to swiftly implement a model which is sustainable and permanent and can support many thousands of our Sitel Hero’s.

What is important to remember at all times is that one size does not fit all, it’s about flexibility, innovation and understanding the needs of our people and our clients’, their customer’s and tailoring solutions to that. It’s a mix of people process and technology solutions, not just voice, but how you manage those interactions through all our omnichannel options including RPA, AI, Analytics that give you the choices to enable great Customer Experience (CX). This infrastructure and mindset  underpins our most valuable asset our “Sitel Hero’s” our truly professional and wonderful people. Not that I would have expected anything other, my team is truly impressive. Everyone has pulled together to ensure our people and clients have been protected, ensuring that we have continued to deliver valuable customer support services.

In this ever-changing COVID world we are here to help businesses increase their connections, we realise that only flexibility, our innovation and agility will help you achieve this.

The question on everyone’s lips, ‘has the contact centre changed permanently?’ I think so. How? By Empowered Customer Experience Centre’s supporting “At Home” associates and building on Work at Home solutions. This permanent change provides even greater flexibility to the workforce, clients and customers. We will as we have always done constantly be pushing the boundaries, for us work at home is here to stay.

For more information on our Customer Experience expertise and our Sitel at Home solutions please contact the team. 


Karl Brough

General Manager UKIN Region at Sitel