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|MAX a Sustainable Model: Recruiting for Work at Home.

MAX a Sustainable Model: Recruiting for Work at Home.

Sitel Group’s ability to consistently deliver is down to a company culture that’s as strong among our virtual employees as it is with our staff on site.

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by Karl Brough September 23, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

During lockdown and Covid thanks to our existing Work at Home model and its associated tools and processes, we were able to remotely recruit, onboard and train 8,000 new Sitel associates in just 8 weeks. 

Technology may have made it easier for people to transition from working in an office to working at home. But technology can only take you so far when it comes to recruiting new members of staff within the confines of the coronavirus who are then going to work in a virtual environment, without ever having physical interaction with supervisors, trainers or managers.

No matter how many digital tools or how much support new members of your company have at their disposal, unless they can feel a genuine connection to your organisation and what it stands for, you will struggle to fully engage these employees and make them feel valued.

Every single aspect of an enterprise, from its approach to recruitment to management style, working conditions, career prospects, work-life balance, and company culture, go towards defining its employee experience. In other words, the employee experience is how an organisation’s people feel about starting work each day – whether they’re working at the office or from home.

As this crisis has aptly demonstrated, if a business doesn’t have a strong culture that permeates the organisation and makes employees feel valued, it is going to struggle when there are disruptions.

This is why we have our own suite of pre-employment tools that help us to identify if a candidate has the right skills and aptitude to take up a work at home or on-site position.

Once identified as a virtual candidate we conduct the interview process digitally via the tools the agent will be using once they begin work.

These digital tools allow our virtual workforce to communicate with each other directly, hold virtual one-to-one and team meetings and to easily reach out for help and guidance.

Because we use real-time analytics to monitor our people’s performance, coaches and trainers can step in virtually at any time to help develop agents and give them guidance at the moment the need it most.

But beyond communication and coaching you need to demonstrate that your organisation is there to offer support in career and professional development. We use the same channels that deliver initial digital training to provide all of our employees with access to curricula for a number of roles, including courses designed for trainers and management. This platform also provides our employees with curated content hosted on a MOOC around a host of related and unrelated subjects so that our people can always find something to learn that’s inspiring and engaging.

However, the thing that has the greatest positive impact on our employee experience and of building, maintaining and enriching our business culture and values is MAX, or My Associate Experience.

It’s a global community powered by our people where they can come together to share ideas and opinions, to listen to what leadership has to say and to be able to provide responses that they know will be heard and considered.

MAX is our way of guaranteeing our people not only have a seat at the table, so to speak, but that they have a voice that we listen to intently regarding the future direction of our organization and how we evolve to meet changing client needs.

Sitel at Home is part of our long-term, go-forward strategy – 70% of our associates are currently working remotely to guarantee their health and wellbeing – and we believe it will play a major role in providing our clients with business resiliency in the months and years to come.

Learn more about our Sitel at Home Solution and if you are interested in joining our team please apply here

Karl Brough
written by Karl Brough General Manager UKIN Region at Sitel Group
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