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|How can you be a WellBeing Hero in Times of Change?

How can you be a WellBeing Hero in Times of Change?

Talking to colleagues, friends and family we are all reminded how challenging and difficult the current situation is. Not only are many more people working at home together, the workplace is changing with necessary restrictions, unfortunately some people are unable to return to work, some are having to isolate, social lives are restricted and there are daily challenges. All this can impact our wellbeing and general mood.

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by Mandy Webb September 25, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

When your environment changes and things are affecting you that you have no control over your mental health and well being can suffer. During the pandemic more people are currently suffering emotionally and mentally.  Publicised widely by The Mental Health Organisation

It is at times like this that it is important to talk about how you are feeling and not to lose that connection with your family, friends, work colleagues and community.

Sometimes it is hard to feel optimistic and you can feel confused. With situations changing sometimes rapidly and unexpectedly it is easy to feel a lack of control, this lack of control and disconnection can affect mental wellbeing. For many this is a new feeling and they find it hard to get motivated and excited about doing things and routines are slipping, making us feel even more anxious. So it is important to Be Kind to Your Mind and do what you can do. Sometimes taking the first steps to do something can increase your motivation to do more. Simply writing a list can clear your head and give you focus for the day.

It is important to connect, to talk, to keep to your routine and to exercise. It is widely recognised that exercise makes you feel uplifted through changing the chemical reaction in your brain. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, lifting your mood. Exercise helps motivate you to feel positive. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get active this could be walking, gardening, dancing, cycling, swimming, anything you enjoy.

Many find that routine is also important to help lift the mood and keep focus. As we saw with the last lockdown many people benefitted from keeping to a routine as this gives you structure and helps combat disorientation. Set your time to get up as normal, follow your meal times and eat for nutrition, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and make sure you build in times in the day to move. Don’t forget the importance of sleep.

At work what can you do to support your colleagues?

It is important that your employees and colleagues recognise its ok to reach out and ask for help when they don’t feel OK. Mental Health and Physical health go hand in hand, as well as supporting mental health it is important to support fitness initiatives. At Sitel we have a companywide initiative, SitelFit which has kept the whole company active, engaged and connected.

Be kind to yourself, do what you can do, make that call, take that walk, text a friend. These can all help. Mental and Physical Health are important, check in on each other.

Our top 10 Tips

  1. Eat nutritious food
  2. Keep Hydrated,
  3. Keep Active,
  4. Get Plenty of Sleep,
  5. Keep to a routine,
  6. Find time to Relax,
  7. Manage Screen Time,
  8. Write down 3 positives of the day,
  9. Ask for help when you need it,
  10. Stay Connected, keep talking

If you are unsure and need to talk to someone the NHS has some great advice . We designed this animation to help, we hope you like it.

written by Mandy Webb Director Marketing
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