This question is being asked by businesses and professionals across a range of industries, because as we all know, great customer engagement is the key for success. To look more into this question, Sitel Group hosted a round table discussion on the topic, with CX professionals from a range of businesses attending, including retail, finance and utilities. The discussion was led by industry expert, Stephen Sullivan; a companion member of the Institute of Customer Service and the Vice Chair of the Contact Centre Council for the UK Direct Marketing Association. In addition to this we also had experts from our CX Digital Solution team; TSC in attendance to give their input on how digitalisation will play a part in the future of customer engagement.

Unsurprisingly everyone had their own input to give, based on experiences and the insight they’d gained through their business. There were some great finding and the common theme was that technology will play a huge part in the future of customer engagement, but technology for the sake of it is not productive. The key is finding the right technology for your customers, taking into account your key demographic, marketing proposition, current engagement strategy and brand image. The channels that will best fit for your business should improve all these areas and enhance your offering, but it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ template. Knowing your customers and your people is integral to knowing how and where your engagement strategy should evolve, and what technology will help you to deliver this.

As the first of our 2019 networking events in the UK, we’re delighted to say that the feedback from those who attended has been excellent and we are very much looking forward to hosting more events like this over the rest of the year.


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