Crisis. a time of great danger, difficulty or doubt when problems must be solved or important decisions must be made. an economic/a financial crisis. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Understanding what your customers expect in a time of uncertainty and how you deal with them will impact how they view you as a brand and organisation once the crisis is over. We have heard the quote by Maya Angelou many times ‘They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.’ Adrian discusses in his book How to Wow that the brain remembers a negative experience (risk, disappointment ) 5-17 times longer than a positive one (joy, delight, surprise) Adrian Swinscoe. These are powerful points of reference when you are deciding how to interact with your customers and employees.

In the podcast, we discuss whether the key is empathy? And ask the questions, how do organisations demonstrate empathy internally with their employees and with their customers. Do organisations have the degree of understanding to acknowledge where empathy and understanding play a key role in delivering great customer experience and are they bold enough to make the decisions to challenge historic behaviour.

Listen to our two-part podcast with Adrian Swinscoe customer service and experience advisor, speaker, workshop and masterclass leader and aspirant punk at Punk CX….talk about NOW, and how Businesses are reacting to COVID19. We talk about what great CX looks like in the time of a crisis and how it starts with empathy, what needs to communicated, the frequency, and what channels of communication should be used?





Mandy Webb

Director Marketing, Sitel UKI