Sitel’s Botshore™ concept completes our global multi-shore market offerings and delivers on our vision for the present and future of customer experience management.

In the near future of customer relationships, artificial intelligence (AI) will coincide with an evolution of the advisor’s role and appearance of new trades. First, there will be several levels of processing interactions: 100 percent automated, semi-automated or human-assisting bots. Bots work well in the front office answering consumer’s questions or in the back office helping agents propose better solutions to customers. Furthermore, they will listen to the conversation and make recommendations to the advisor based on the consumer’s profile analysis. With non-linear client paths, back and forth between those dimensions will be permanent. The man-machine cooperation areas will multiply. And, client relationships will see patterns in conversations initiated by bots and continued by agents.

How do you train a bot?

As a result of these transformations, two new roles will undoubtedly emerge, bots trainer and bots manager. For an AI bot to become relevant, it is necessary to tell him what is right and what is not. It is a largely manual work which requires real customer experience knowledge. Consequently, for bots to do more advanced tasks, they will need training. Who could be the best trainers if not the agents themselves? Therefore it is a plausible prospect for the evolution of this part of the work: these collaborators will undertake the initial and continuous training of “robots”.

While properly trained, bots will always face situations where they are not able to deliver the correct answer. They will not have been trained for it. The bots manager will be there to supervise 20, 50 or 100 bots operating in parallel. He will only intervene in the case of any obstacle faced by his “teams of bots.” And that whole learning process will feed the AI engine. Finally, Natural Language Processing-type tools are commodities. As a result, they will need to be driven and enriched with the specific vocabulary of the industry and the brand.

In conclusion, Sitel Group features a team of developers whose mission is to set up an interface for advisors to train and manage bots. These customer experience and information technology experts will lead the future’s “botshore”!

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